Advocating change – stop needless plastic wrapping

Posted by Peter MUIR

Stop plastic Wellcome!

Unless you are living in a bubble, or abiding by the ‘ignorance is bliss’ philosophy, you will be ware of the issues that our over-reliance on plastic is causing. Unless we want more pieces of plastic in our ocean than fish, we drastically need to do something about this.

One very easy way to act is to sign this petition (but that alone is not enough – scroll down!) to ask a big player in our plastic waste production to stop unnecessarily wrapping produce in our Hong Kong grocery stores in some form of plastic.

Once, you have signed the petition, think about what other action you could take. Perhaps start with encouraging others to sign the petition, then move on to conducting some research on your own consumption patters, investigating ways to reduce your plastic use then developing a plan to do so. Then perhaps you could inform others about how to do this, and actively advocate them to do so. Then you could advocate that McDonald’s stops using plastic bags for their drinks.

And why stop there! Join the DC Green Cobras to look at ways of making our school ‘greener’, or get involved in how our school can celebrate environmental days such as World Ocean Day, World Environment Day, or Mother Earth day. There are many ways that you could act on this issue, some more beneficial than others. Following the CE framework/CAS Stages will help you ensure that your action has the greatest benefit.