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Win a funding grant!

Posted by Peter MUIR

actionforacause2017Action for a Cause is a program designed to mobilize 12 – 17 year olds from diverse backgrounds to take action on real life social issues. AFAC offers you the opportunity to join in one of it’s two parts – or you could elect to join in both!

Act!on for a Cause aims to:

  • Promote creative problem solving of real life issues
  • Mobilize youth from all backgrounds to take positive action
  • Build leadership skills and social awareness

The AFAC Community Action Project

Submit an outline for a Community Action Project and be in the chance to receive a grant of $3000 to implement your project!. The project must be specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely. The top 20 projects receive HK$3,000 to deliver their project to the target community with the support of Kids4Kids professional mentors. Community Action Projects are to be completed within 6 months of the award date and will be exhibited at the Powered by Youth Forum 2016.   Click here for more details.

Justice Centre Young Advocates Programme 2017

Posted by Peter MUIR


The Justice Centre Hong Kong, a non-profit human rights organisation working fearlessly to protect the rights of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable forced migrants, is looking for students to join their Young Advocates Programme.

The Young Advocates Programme is open for students aged 14-18 years old and would suit those who are looking to study subjects such as law, social policy, human rights, government and politics, or international development at university. Young Advocates get involved in all areas of the team at Justice Centre, from the provision of legal and psychosocial support to refugees, to anti-human trafficking research and advocacy. Young Advocates will be mentored by their experienced staff, and will enhance their research, writing, communication, analytical and presentation skills.

In 2017, two programmes will be available. The Spring Programme will be for two weeks in April 2017 while the Summer Programme will run for four weeks each in June, July and August. Places are limited in both, and a financial contribution in order to be able to run the programme.

The centre will host open evenings on December 7 and 12 which parents and students are welcome to attend to meet our team and learn more about the programme. You can RSVP by emailing

More details can be found on the event website.  You can also contact for an application pack which has further information. The deadline for applications is January 27, 2017.

Here’s what one of the 2016 Young Advocates, Bryan, had to say about his experience:
“Working at Justice Centre through the Young Advocates Programme has been an amazing experience. I’ve had many great opportunities to explore the fields of laws, advocacy, and human rights. I was able to learn a lot about refugee law internationally and in Hong Kong. Helping with various legal and research tasks gave me an expanded knowledge of the law and how it is applied in real life. I also learned how persecution happens in countries all around the world. Participating in drop-in sessions with potential clients gave me more of a real world understanding of the plight of refugees. Every day there were new experiences and knowledge to be gained. I enjoyed every moment of the programme and it all went by too fast.”

Cycle some soap with Soap Cycling

Posted by Peter MUIR

While the number of young children dying from pneumonia and diarrhea can be reduced by simply washing hands with soap, there are many hotels throwing away slightly used soap that could be used to address this issue. That is where Soap Cycling comes in.

Soap Cycling works with the hospitality industry to collect, sanitize and recycle slightly used soaps and other sanitation amenities. These life-saving items are then distributed to underprivileged families and schools in disadvantaged communities around the world, particularly Asia.

You can get involved in this organisation’s work by volunteering at their centre in HK on Saturdays.  For more details on how you can join, click here.

Conflict Crate

Posted by Peter MUIR


Conflict Crate is a monthly subscription box that delivers socially conscious products. We source responsible, honest, & charitable brands and put them in a box to be delivered to our subscribers. It was developed with the specific intention of supporting communities in Boliva. Not only does it provide a source of income by purchasing products made by these people, 20% of our profits to support children in Bolivia. In the word of founder Bethany Pyles, “I truly believe that together we are a force for good. The movement towards an expanding socially conscious consumer lifestyle is growing!”

How might your CAS / Community Engagement involve social entrepreneurship? How could you develop opportunities for others?

Photography event organisers needed

Posted by Peter MUIR


Are you interested in photography?  Keen to develop you leadership skills and event management?  Then here is your chance!  Get involved in organising a photography competition at our school, and then an ESF-wide event in collaboration with other ESF school students, that both aim to raise awareness. It presents a great opportunity for you to get involved in something meaningful, while developing your skills at the same time.  You will need to work with another DC student to manage a small team to organise a DC student photography competition. You will then work with other ESF students in organising an ESF-wide photography event, which the winners of the DC event will be accepted to join.  If you are keen on finding out more, please email/speak to Mr Muir (this opportunity is only open to students in Years 11 or 12) 

Amnesty Living in HK Awareness week

Posted by Peter MUIR


This week, DC’s Amnesty International Club will be hosting the following range of activities to raise awareness regarding the issue of caged homes in Hong Kong.

– Throughout the week, students will have access to a life sized caged home located in the main entrance hall.
*Please be warned to take care when interacting with the installation and as it is fragile*

– We will be hosting letter writing workshop/competition (with prizes involved) in room 2304 during Wednesday Lunch. (Participation might be able to be included in your CE portfolio for students in years 7-8)

– During block 5 on Friday, a representative from the ‘Society for Community Organization‘ will be giving a talk regarding the issue of (as well as solutions to) caged homes in Hong Kong.

– At lunch on Friday, we will be screening a short 20 to 25 minute, film created by us. Students are highly encouraged to attend.