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International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

Posted by Peter MUIR

With the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers coming up on May 29th, it may be a good time to reflect upon peace and conflict resolution, and consider how you could engage yourself in an activity to promote peace.

Since its beginning in 1948, United Nations peacekeeping has evolved into one of the main tools used by the international community to manage complex crises that threaten international peace and security. Their mandate has been extended to protect civilians who have increasingly become the victims of conflict.  With conflict, unrest and terrorism affecting the lives of many people around the world, the need for peace building is essential.

There are many individuals and organisations who strive to make their communities a peaceful place.   As internationally-minded citizens, we too can do our part to foster a peaceful community where social justice remains.

Check out this TED talk from May El-Khalil and consider – how can sport play a role in promoting peace?  What events could you initiate with the aim of fostering harmony?

Who Will You Make Peace With?

Posted by Peter MUIR

Peace Day, Saturday 21 September 2013 is set to be the biggest yet, with millions of people around the world joining together to celebrate peace.  Peace Day is not only about a reduction of violence in areas of conflict, it is also about reducing violence in our homes, communities and schools.

So on Peace Day 21 September…

What can you say to make peace with someone?

What can you do to make peace with someone?

…who will you make peace with?