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Ideas for action to clean our oceans

Posted by Peter MUIR


When Tracey Read from Plastic Free Seas spoke to Year 7 students last week, she spoke about a recent report that stated that if we keep producing plastic at predicted rates, and continue disposing of it incorrectly, plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish in 2050! This is an alarming statistic, but one does not have to look far to see this. It is certainly an issue we need to do something about, some ideas for taking action include:
Indirect action – raise funds for a very innovative and exciting method for reducing plastic in our oceans. Check out the robotic vacuum ship and also how organizations such as Avaaz are raising funds to clean up our seas using this device
Advocacy – develop a campaign to persuade DB businesses to avoid using one-use products such as straws and plastic cutlery
Research – collect data on plastic products that wash up on DB beaches
Direct action – avoid unnecessary packaging and plastic when you shop; get involved in beach clean ups; improve your waste management at home

DB Mothers & Friends

Posted by Peter MUIR

DB mothers & friends

Are you keen to take action here in DB to support the Hong Kong community?  DB Mothers & Friends might be your option!

DB Mothers & Friends is a Discovery Bay-based social enterprise that connects donors with various Charities and registered social workers to recycle and redistribute household items to the less fortunate in Hong Kong.   The group collect everything that is reusable and clean, as quality second hand pieces could bring smiles to the less fortunate in our community, and help relieve their hardship in lives.

If you are interested in working with this group in raising awareness about their collections drives, and supporting their collection and distribution of goods, please see Mr Muir for more details.


Trash trashers – DC Waste Audit

Posted by Peter MUIR

‘Trash Trashers’ is a CAS group with the aim of improving what DC does with waste.  As a part of their efforts, they conducted a waste audit to see exactly what goes in our bins.  The group selected 8 garbage bags (a small part of the total rubbish we produce) and checked out their contents.  Below are their findings:

Bags checked: 8

Item Count:

Plastic bottles: 26   Crisp bags: 59   Plastic cups: 22   Cans: 29   Paper cups: 31   Paper juice boxes: 84   Paper plates: 48   Small plastic bags: 33












Notable Findings:

Notable Findings Issue indicated Possible approach to issue
Many plastic bags used for containing trash Poor garbage system -Biodegradable bags
Lots of uneaten food -Poor eating habits-Lack of compost -Create compost
Many juice boxes -Poor recycling -Encourage bring own drink bottle
Lots of waste paper -Paper recycling system not well-known -Raise awareness of paper bins
Lots of tissues -Many tissues used in washrooms -Use air dryers more

Suggested next steps in order of priority (Based on audit only):

-Raise awareness of paper bins

-Talk to primary students

-Display board

-Signs around school (above general bins)

-Explore using biodegradable bags for school waste

-Look into current system (if already using biodegradable bags)

-Look into biodegradable bags (pros and cons)

-Propose change to school leaders

-Encourage using air hand dryers and drinking bottles

-Display board

-Signs in washrooms

-Explore compost and how it could be used in the school

-Look into compost and its possible uses in the school



Recycle your printer cartridges and toners in DB

Posted by Peter MUIR

P Solution (Shop Nos. 126-128A, 1/F., Block C, DB Plaza) offers a recycling service for printer cartridges and toners. Drop off your old ones, and P Solution will give you HK$5 for ink cartridges and HK$10 for toners. The following models are accepted:
HP – 21, 21XL, 22, 22XL, 27, 28, 45, 56, 57, 60BK, 60XL, 60C, 61, 61XL, 61C, 74, 74XL, 75, 75XL, 78, 92 – 98
Canon – 40, 41, 50, 51, 740, 740XL, 741, 741XL, 810, 810XL, 811, 811XL, 830, 831
HP Toner -12A, 35A, 36A, 45A, 78A, 85A, 125A, 126A, 128A
Canon Toner – FX9, 312, 416