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Justice Centre Young Advocates Programme 2017

Posted by Peter MUIR


The Justice Centre Hong Kong, a non-profit human rights organisation working fearlessly to protect the rights of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable forced migrants, is looking for students to join their Young Advocates Programme.

The Young Advocates Programme is open for students aged 14-18 years old and would suit those who are looking to study subjects such as law, social policy, human rights, government and politics, or international development at university. Young Advocates get involved in all areas of the team at Justice Centre, from the provision of legal and psychosocial support to refugees, to anti-human trafficking research and advocacy. Young Advocates will be mentored by their experienced staff, and will enhance their research, writing, communication, analytical and presentation skills.

In 2017, two programmes will be available. The Spring Programme will be for two weeks in April 2017 while the Summer Programme will run for four weeks each in June, July and August. Places are limited in both, and a financial contribution in order to be able to run the programme.

The centre will host open evenings on December 7 and 12 which parents and students are welcome to attend to meet our team and learn more about the programme. You can RSVP by emailing

More details can be found on the event website.  You can also contact for an application pack which has further information. The deadline for applications is January 27, 2017.

Here’s what one of the 2016 Young Advocates, Bryan, had to say about his experience:
“Working at Justice Centre through the Young Advocates Programme has been an amazing experience. I’ve had many great opportunities to explore the fields of laws, advocacy, and human rights. I was able to learn a lot about refugee law internationally and in Hong Kong. Helping with various legal and research tasks gave me an expanded knowledge of the law and how it is applied in real life. I also learned how persecution happens in countries all around the world. Participating in drop-in sessions with potential clients gave me more of a real world understanding of the plight of refugees. Every day there were new experiences and knowledge to be gained. I enjoyed every moment of the programme and it all went by too fast.”

Mother’s Choice

Posted by Peter MUIR

mothers-choice-logo-152x200Located next to the fellow ESF school, Island School, Mother’s Choice is a local Hong Kong charity established in 1987. Over the past 28 years, they’ve assisted 51,000 young females through troubling pregnancies, and placed 3,600 children into suitable foster care, as well as connected 1,400 of them with permanent loving parents. They link young couples to professional health care services and support and provide access to educational programs and counseling to learn about sexual health and education.

If you are interested in participating, through means of raising awareness, advocacy, donating or direct service through volunteering, visit Mother’s Choice website  or email for further details and enquiries.


Speak Out now

Posted by Peter MUIR

amnestyspeakoutnowDo you think refugees in Syria are treated fairly? What are your opinions on the current refugee crisis? Or cases related to child labour?

SPEAK OUT NOW campaign will focus on current issues based on human rights. This opportunity will enable you to express yourself through the arts field, as well as raise awareness on important current issues in your school communities.

Amnesty International Hong Kong is looking for contributors to showcase work that speaks out through their school e-newsletters. Formats include, but not limited to: opinion pieces, academic works (e.g. formative and/or summative assessments), artwork, poems, short stories, testimonies.

The students that are selected to submit their work on the school e-newsletters will have the chance to win a secret gift awarded from Amnesty International, as well as a certificate!

For artworks, the file should be sent in a JPEG or PDF file, whereas written articles need to be around 400-500 words in English. Although themes and submission of works are versatile, Amnesty International Hong Kong will have the final decision towards the publication of works. Send your work to:


Supporting Heep Hong Society

Posted by Peter MUIR

A message from a group of year 10s about their Community Engagement project..

Our group is trying to help the Heep Hong Society, which is helping children with special needs, to raise money and especially awareness. In Hong Kong, the special needs population has increased over the past few years. In 2007, only 5.2% of the population had such special needs. In 2013, the number has risen to 8.1% (Census and Statistics Department HKSAR, 2015). There is nothing we can do to cure people from this unfortunateness, but we can help make them feel welcome in the world and feel involved with the society. That is what we are trying to achieve. To tell and let people know that people with special needs should be treated the same way as everybody else. We are trying to inform the DC community that when you know someone with special needs you can still be friends with them and try to encourage them that they still can achieve a lot in their live. This is what your provided quiz is about: to let you find out what famous people actually have special needs, and this hopefully will result in us being more open and helpful towards people with special needs, either if it on the streets or if it is someone you know. So feel free to donate to support the Heep Hong Society when we hold our activities after Chinese new year. 

Child labour for our batteries

Posted by Peter MUIR

According to a this report from Amnesty International, major electronics brands, including Apple, Samsung and Sony, are failing to do basic checks to ensure that cobalt mined by child labourers has not been used in their products.

“Due to the radical changes and developments of technology millions of people worldwide enjoy the benefits of new technology, but seldom ask themselves how they are made. Major electronic brands such as Samsung and Apple are failing to ensure basic safety for their cobalt mining child labourers. The youngest child labourers starting at only seven years old are required to work long hours daily exposed to cobalt without protective equipment to shield them from diseases. Glamorous advertisements blind us from realising the suffering the child labourers endure, because Enterprises refuse to verify their usage of child labourers”.

How could you advocate for changes in this practice?

Write for Rights

Posted by Peter MUIR

write for rights

Your words, combined with thousands of others from all over the world, can change a life. Become part of Amnesty International’s Write for Rights by adding your voice – write for justice and human rights.  Putting pressure on officials can result in torture being stopped, access granted to doctors or lawyers, death sentence being commuted, disappearances investigated, prisoners released and better human rights policies introduced. For more details about how you can use your words for change, click here.

Mission for Migrant Workers and Bethune House looking for support

Posted by Peter MUIR

A group of domestic helpers from the Asian Migrants Co-ordinating bod,y holdd a protest outside the government offices in Hong Kong on June 25, 2009. The group were asking the Executive Council of the Hong Kong Government to include them in statutory minimum wage legislation being drawn up in the territory. AFP PHOTO/MIKE CLARKE (Photo credit should read MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images)

Mission for Migrant Workers, Hong Kong’s first service and advocacy institution for migrants, and Bethune House, who support foreign domestic workers in distress from their victimized and vulnerable situation, are looking for support to host some upcoming events and on-going programmes –

a. Give care to Our Care givers- one day free caring Day for Domestic Workers 8 November 2015, 12 – 5pm, Victoria Park 20 December 2015, 9am – 5pm, Chater Garden, Central

b. Bethune House 29 Anniversary celebration – 1 November from 2-4 pm (Sending of invites and follow-up, help on the actual day- set –up, registration and Emcee) and on 22 November for their Photo-exhibit event

c. Volunteers to help in Casework support such as translation, documentation of cases, data base encoding and accompaniment.

d. Write articles for the Migrant Focus, quarterly newsletter of MFMW, cover activities on Sundays. Help in Lay-out (Photoshop, InDesign or PageMaker) or 30 seconds – I minute video production for Mission and Bethune House promotion.

e. Help in delivering the handicraft project or conduct English or Cantonese lessons in the shelter

f. Organise a collection-drive for essential health and sanitary items for shelter residents.

For more information, please call 2537-1333 or email or


UNICEF Young Envoys Programme is now open

Posted by Peter MUIR

UniceflogoSince 1996, the UNICEF Young Envoys Programme has been providing a platform for Hong Kong youth to learn about child rights, to go through new challenges, and organize various educational activities to speak up for children.

Those who join the programme can join a field visit to learn about the situation of children and women in developing countries, as well as to witness how UNICEF’s work improves their lives.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. To find out more details click here or visit to apply online or follow Programme’s Facebook Page for more details.  Application deadline: 31 Oct 2014

Join Amnesty International

Posted by Peter MUIR

Amnesty International works to promote human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.   Their office in Hong Kong is looking for volunteers to help with their cause.  You could get involved with their local activities that include campaigns to stop torture, support China human rights, safeguard freedom of expression, abolish the death penalty, stop violence against women, gender and sexual rights, and migrants rights.

Take an active role in addressing these global issues – click here to sign up to get involved in the Hong Kong branch of Amnesty International
Join Amnesty