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Eco-Leaders needed!

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Ecoschools logoDC wishes to implement the Eco-Schools programme, and we are looking for “green” Year 12 students to lead this group. Eco-Schools is an international programme that aims to empower students to be the change our sustainable world needs and engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning.  We wish to create a committee with representatives from various year levels, as well as other members of the school community, who will implement a seven-step change to make our school more environmentally friendly. Getting involved in this committee will provide a great opportunity for a small number of students to develop leadership skills while driving a meaningful eco-project. If you are in Year 12 and think you have what it takes to lead this committee, email DC science teacher Mr Burrage on
If you are not in year 12 but are keen to join – we will soon be asking you to sign up to get involved!

Pay It Forward!

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A new volunteer group will be starting up at DC, with the aim of getting DC students involved in direct service in the local community.  It provides students with a great opportunity to assist others in our society.

The ‘Pay it forward” Volunteer group will be up and running from the 23rd of Sept for all secondary students.  Students will help organize and volunteer in community services together in different settings e.g. children services, elderly services, rehabilitation services etc. Meetings will be held for this group every Monday during lunch time.

If you are interested in being a volunteer please indicate your attendance online by clicking on this link below or contact our school social worker Harriet via e-mail

Pay it Forward

Plastic Free Seas Project

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Local NGO Plastic Free Seas is looking for students who are passionate about the environment and are willing to commit to their efforts.

A key part of this (potential) CAS project is to conduct a scientific experiment.  The experiment will research the effect of long-term exposure in sea water on various plastic (waste) items.   The idea would be to take a sample of different types of plastic items (bags, cups, straws, cutlery, toys, packaging) made from biodegradable, recycled, degradable, ‘normal’, foamed, PET, LDPE, HDPE, PS,  and bio plastic, take baseline data, and then put the plastics in a sturdy cage.  The cage will then be anchored at a suitable point that has a constant water flow and minimal expose to direct sunlight.  The items will then be observed at various stages over a long period of time.

plasticfreeseaslogoIn addition to the experiment, the project will involve other tasks to support the aims of Plastic Free Seas, a Hong Kong-based NGO aiming to reduce plastic litter in our marine environment.   This will include promoting events and news in social media, assisting with updating websites, recording other data, and assisting in events initiated by Plastic Free Seas.

This opportunity is open to a very small group of Diploma students who are willing to commit over an extended period of time.  Email/see Mr Muir if you are interested

Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference

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plasticfreeseaslogoWe are looking for four students from Years 10-12 to design a submission for the Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference.  This conference will host 100 students from over 25 local and international Hong Kong secondary schools, and will be held at the Science & Technology Park in Shatin from November 21st -23rd 2013.

Keen to Represent DC?

Those DC students selected need to devise a proposal on a plastic reduction related project and submit this prior to the conference.  Proposals can be either in digital format, essay form or a piece of art and will need to be submitted by October 11th, 2013.  Those four students selected will need to have a dedicated interest in environmental actions.

To get involved, you need to form a group of four students from Year 10 or 11.  The get together to develop your plan, and submit your plan using this form.   We will then select one group to represent the school, with the criteria being:

  1. How innovative your plan is
  2. How easy your plan is to implement
  3. How realistic your plan is
  4. How effective your plan will be

The winning group will be announced after the October break.

The Conference

This proposal will then be presented during the conference.  In addition to this, acclaimed international and local speakers as well as a HK Government representative have been invited to present to conference participants on a broad range of topics associated with plastic pollution, personal motivation, campaign building and public engagement.

The goal of the conference is for students to gain a good understanding of the wide-reaching effects of plastic pollution, to be empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to organize and execute a project within their school or community and be ambassadors within their school for raising awareness on plastic waste issues.

During the conference students will identify an environmental need within their school or community and formulate an action project for this.  Throughout the conference they will learn from experts how to plan and execute their project for maximum effect and will be supported with their goals.

Organisers of the event is Plastic Free Seas, a Hong Kong-based NGO committed to reducing plastic pollution, raising awareness and mobilizing individuals, schools and communities to do what we can to make Hong Kong a more sustainable place to live.


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TEDx_logoIn late November this year DC will again be hosting its very own TED event, and is looking for students to help organize it.  TEDxYouth@DiscoveryCollege  will be one of many TEDxYouthDay events held around the world to celebrate Universal Children’s Day.  These events are designed to empower and inspire young people, and will present a combination of live speakers and TEDTalks to audiences around the world.  If you are keen to become a member for the organizing committee – click on this link and submit the form.  Ask Mr Muir for more details.

Team Fear

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The Team FEAR Junior Challenge in Discovery Bay, is a race is designed for youngsters from 8 to 18. Held on Sunday Nov 24th, this is the 12th time the vent has been held.  It captures the spirit of adventure racing with elements across diverse challenges such as Trail running, Mountain Biking, Kayaking and Rock Scrambling. The race raises money for Youth Outreach, a local children’s charity.

Contestants come from all over Hong Kong and the popularity of the event is such that each year it heavily over subscribed. Last year we had over 550 contestants; it is the biggest race of its kind in Asia.  More information is available on the website

The safety and success of the race relies on all the volunteer and helpers, so here is your chance to get involved!

The main duties on the day of the race are marshaling and helping to clear up the course afterwards.  Help is also needed the Saturday before the race (Nov 23rd) to clear bushes and undergrowth on the course,  pumping up, checking and repairing inflatable kayaks, constructing a beach assault course, various course marking, and helping register and load bikes on trucks.  As the race takes place in the hills around D.B. there may be a bit of hiking and hard work involved (although nothing too onerous).

If you are interest in getting involved, contact Race Organising Committee member Ben Loran on 6687 1861.

I will if you will – Tree Planting Challenge

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Tree planting

Breathing Hong Kong Video Contest

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To raise awareness about the air quality issues in Hong Kong, the Clean Air Network, in partnership with InterContinental Hong Kong and EarthCheck, and supported by the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), have organised the “Breathing Hong Kong” video contest!

Air pollution causes, on average, 3,200 premature deaths in Hong Kong each year and costs 40 billion in economic losses, according to Hong Kong University’s Hedley Environmental Index. You can help to promote clean air in the city by participating in this video contest. To learn more about how to enter, click here.

To get some inspiration, you can also watch CUHK’s videos “Black Kidnap” and “Air supplier“.

Project Ideas and Global Youth Service Day

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Global Youth Service Day (April 26-28) celebrates and mobilizes the millions of young people who improve their communities each day of the year through service.

A campaign of YSA (Youth Service America) GYSD is celebrated each year in over 100 countries, with young people working together with schools, youth organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs to address the world’s most critical issues and change their communities.

Check out these ideas for (CAS / C&S) projects – you could use them as a part of GYSD, or at anytime of the year!


Mission for Migrant workers Carnival

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Over the past few months DC Year 12 student Momoko Ishii has been coaching swimming to clients from the Mission for Migrant Workers, a Hong Kong-based organization that provides services and outreach programmes are for the more than 300,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong.  Momoko has found this role challenging (especially trying to teach swimming to somebody who has a strong fear of water due to a near drowning experience) and exciting, and is now inspired to get more involved in social entrepreneurship.

On behalf of the Mission for Migrant workers (MFMW), Momoko is passing on an invite to members of the DC community to get involved in their upcoming carnival.  Held on March 3, the MFMW will host the Multicultural Connections Carnival, the culminating activity of their Connecting Cultures and Community project.  The event will be held in Chater Road, Central, from 10:30AM to 6:00PM.

Additionally, the day’s program will also serve as the MFMW’s 32nd anniversary celebration. After 32 years of serving the migrant workers and spreading the message of love and social justice, we will recognize the support given by various groups in Hong Kong and overseas to the MFMW and our work.

With the message “We Can Live and Work Together”, the carnival will be a celebration of culture of various peoples living and working in Hong Kong and will highlight the interconnections of the communities in Hong Kong. It will drumbeat the message of respect, understanding and caring for each other as we strive for social harmony among the people.

MFMW would like to request for volunteers from DC to assist them in preparing and running the event. The volunteers will specifically be asked to help in Chinese-English translation for the audience and viewers of the booths, help in distributing promotional materials for the day, and help in the various necessary tasks to ensure the success of the program.

If you have questions or need more details, please do not hesitate to contact MFMW at 25228264 or email