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Save My Lunch ESF project

Posted by Peter MUIR


Project SML (“Save My Lunch”) was created by a group of ESSF students appalled by how much food waste is created in schools each day.  Through on-campus research the group identified the single lunch size options as a large contributor to this.  To address the issue, they created a campaign to inform students and lobby caterers to offer three lunch size options so as to cut down on waste without impacting the value for money students receive in the cafeterias.

A petition for bees and more

Posted by Peter MUIR

New research indicates that neurotoxic pesticides known as “neonics” are not only wiping out the world’s bees, but also killing off butterflies, fish, and birds, threatening to wipe out “the heart of a functioning ecosystem”. The study says neonics can be 5,000 to 10,000 times more toxic to bees than DDT, and according to some scientists, it is a threat to the productivity of our natural and farmed environment.

dead-beeBayer, one of the largest producers of neonics, has been under enormous pressure to reign in the killer pesticide. Instead, Bayer has launched a lawsuit at the EU in an attempt to overturn neonic regulations.

The Story of Stuff organization has organized a petition to tell Bayer to stop making the neonics causing mass destruction of our ecosystem and wiping out the food chain.  You can click here to sign the petition – but I would suggest being informed about the issue before doing so.  Also consider – is signing a petition enough to be classified as ‘taking action’? And what role does advocacy take to bring about social change?