Year 6 Blog

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Year 6 Blog

Friday 4 October 2019

Dear Parents

It is unbelievable to think that we are already at mid-term break. So please find a quick round up of the past eight weeks as well as a summary of what the students can look forward to on their return to school.

Unit of Inquiry

The students have inquired into two areas since the start of school, they have looked at the systems by which groups make and develop rules and how people become leaders. They have also been inquiring into the ways that people make and develop relationships as well as factors that affect people’s self-worth.


In maths we have learnt about BEDMAS, the order of operations as well as how patterns can grow and how we can use algebraic equations to predict future terms.  This has been followed with addition and subtraction of integers and decimals as well as one step and two step problem solving.


Linked with our unit of inquiry our language genre has been persuasive writing and especially how voice and organisation can have an impact when putting your points across.


Throughout the term the students have had swimming in PE, a swim carnival, we’ve had our initial parent teacher meetings, ISA testing and one Year 6 class has had their assembly to mention just a few items.

After mid-term break we will be studying the transdisciplinary theme, ‘Where we are in place and time’. We will be looking at historical narratives and using these to research into an event in history so that the students can develop and write their own entertaining narrative about their chosen event. In maths  addition and subtraction continues after which we will focus on multiplication and division and how we apply this knowledge in problems.

We have another class assembly in the second part of term and of course Year 6 camp which we are all excited about. Please be reminded to return the Hebe Haven Yacht Club disclaimer form to your child’s class teacher.

Please have a restful break and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

Thanks, the Year 6 Team.

Year 6 Blog 2019-20

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Year 6 Blog 2019 – 2020

Welcome back

Dear Parents

Welcome to the Year 6 blog, where you will find updates and information concerning the Year 6 students here at DC. We hope you had a great summer break, whether that was here in Hong Kong or further afield. This year the Year 6 team remains the same as last year, Miss Harrison, Ms Cameroon, Miss Seward, Mr Edwards, Mr Urquart and Mrs Trimmingham.

The students have started the term with energy and enthusiasm and are settling into their new classes and routines seamlessly. This week the classes have been setting up class agreements, distributing jobs and excitedly receiving their computers. This all fits into our first unit of inquiry which is ‘How we organise ourselves’. Within this unit we will be inquiring into systems of leadership and how it is necessary to participate to be able to activate change. This connects with our language where we will be learning how persuasion and debates can influence thinking. We will start our maths curriculum with a focus on pattern and function and this includes using simple algebra to predict future terms of a pattern.

In the next few months we have a range of dates that are important for the Year 6 students, please find below the latest update, which could be subject to change.

Thursday 29 August – Parent Information Fair

Friday 6 September – DC CPD Day

Wednesday 18 September – Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday 19 September – Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday 24 September – 6JES Assembly (6JES parents only)

Wednesday 25 September – Swim carnival

Monday 30 September – ESF CPD day

Tuesday 1 October – National Day

Monday 7 October to Friday 11 October – Mid Term Break

Tuesday 29 October to Friday 1 November – Year 6 Camp

Tuesday 19 November – 6ECN Assembly (6ECN parents only)

Saturday 7 December – Family Fun Day

We are looking forwards to a fantastic year with the Year 6 students, where we hope they strive to be ‘The best they can be’, in their final year of primary school, and please if you have any questions do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.

Kind regards

The Year 6 Team