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Welcome to Year 5

Posted by Year5

Welcome back all the DC students and parents, with a special welcome to those of you who have just joined the Discovery College community. We look forward to a year full of many new experiences, rewarding moments and ongoing achievements. Thank you for ensuring your child has a smooth start to the year.

The Year 5 team
5.1 Mrs Lindsay Fisher (5LFR) – Fishtopia

5.2 Mr Adam Ward (5AWD) – The Duchy of Wardshire

5.3 Mrs Loretta Romano (5LRO) – Romanarians

5.4 Miss Wendy Urquhart (5WUT) – Urquhartians

We are well supported in our classroom activities by two wonderful Educational Assistants, Mrs Emma Whetnall & Mrs Keiko Trimmingham, who work alongside us with the day-to-day learning.