Term 1 Comes To An End

Posted by annasherriff

What a term it has been! We have wrapped it up with a new team, Book Week, two Year 4 assemblies and the start of our new unit, Migration.


Unit of Inquiry

Central Idea: Human Migration involves challenges, risk, opportunities and change.

Throughout this unit, we have been looking at:

  • perspective
  • empathy
  • the effects of migration

Students have had the opportunity to read real-life migration stories and grow their understanding of the challenges and risks people take. In the new year, children will look a bit more closely at their own migration stories, and those of their parents and families.



We have finished the year inquiring into time and how to read and write it to the minute. Students have also been learning a range of strategies to help them solve addition and subtraction problems mentally. The strategies they have been focusing on are:

  • Jump Strategy
  • Split/Partition Strategy
  • Compensation/Friendly Numbers Strategy


In writing, we have been looking at Poetry and our focus has been on the writing traits of

  • Ideas
  • Word Choice
  • Voice

Children have been learning how to create rich imagery in their writing by using linguistic features like similes and metaphors to create an image in the reader’s mind.

We are looking forward to what Term 2 will bring, in particular, the adventures of camp! The new dates for Year 4 Camp are February 3-5th.

As well as this, students are being sent home with their stationery bags, please can you help them check that they have all their stationery ready for Term 2.

For now, thank you for all of your support and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

The Year 4 Team