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Our Next Unit

Posted by year4

Time is flying by, and we are ready to move into our second unit of inquiry for the year.  The students have done a great job throughout our first unit learning about strategies for resolving conflict and devising ways to make DC a more peaceful community.  Our next unit begins their journey into research.

In this unit students will be inquiring into the process it takes to get food from the farm to our dinner tables.  Throughout this inquiry, they will be reflecting on the affect this process might have on how they choose the food they eat.

Central Idea: Communities have systems for production and distribution which affect the choices people make.

Lines of Inquiry:

  1.  The systems for producing and distributing food.
  2. The reasons for different production and distribution methods.
  3. How we choose the food we eat.


In writing, students will be learning about explanation texts.  They will inquire into the features needed for this type of writing and have many opportunities to ‘explain’ different systems.  They will focus on the structure and organisation of their writing as well continue to focus on writing grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs.

Students will be reading a lot of non-fiction texts and learning a process for researching.  They will explore the features of non-fiction texts and begin to use those features to help them gather the information they need.

Near the the end of the unit, students will work in a group to create a visual presentation using Google Slides to demonstrate their understanding of the food process.  They will be thinking about the visual impact of their slides for this presentation, as well as how they can give a successful oral presentation.


Students will continue with the addition and subtraction unit which they have recently begun.  They will focus on the following:

Throughout this unit, students will spend time practicing the different mental strategies to add and subtract.  They will also have the opportunity to apply these strategies when solving open-ended problems.