Daily Itinerary

Day 1 (Saturday, 16 Nov 2019)

Chengdu City

Upon arrival we will transfer to Chengdu city and begin our exploration with an amazing walking culture and food tour. This 3-4 hour walking tour through one of Chengdu’s older neighbourhoods showcases the spicy tastes of Sichuan cuisine. This exciting experience is the perfect way to get introduced to the “Land of Plenty”.

Day 2 (Sunday, 17 Nov 2019)

Chengdu City

After breakfast we will head to the Hui Ling Centre, dedicated to people with special needs. The Hui Ling Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities has been operating since 2002. The organisation provides a variety of invaluable services in developing mental health-care system. Students will have the opportunity to visit the centre and interact in a variety of fun activities with the amazing people. We will finish of the day with some more delicious Sichuan cuisine, while enjoying a traditional Sichuan Opera and mask changing performance.

Day 3 (Monday, 18 Nov 2019)


Begin the day by heading to the bustling People’s Park, the largest and liveliest of Chengdu’s many public parks. The People’s park is the centre of activity for the city’s grandparents, joggers, dancers, tai- qi practitioners, chess masters, calligraphers, musicians, and tea enthusiasts.

The highlight of the day will be to prepare for the following day’s Panda Volunteering Experience with a briefing and discussion about Sichuan’s iconic giant omnivores.

Day 4 (Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019)


This day is all about the cute and cuddly creatures we’ve all been waiting to meet on this trip…PANDAS! We will transfer to the Wolong Panda Breeding Base in the morning, where all the participants will get a briefing about their tasks for the day, and begin their volunteer activities.

Days 5-6 (Wednesday – Thursday, 20-21 Nov 2019)


We start the day with an exploration of the colourful Wenchuan market before transferring to the remote Muka village. After meeting our local Qiang minority hosts, we will begin to explore this culturally rich area. We will get to explore some ancient ruins and stone villages of the Qiang People, as well as learning how the environment has shaped the history of the area and made it famous for not only its architecture, but its incredible food production.

The students will travel to the neighbouring Taoping Qiang Village, a similar stone-built enclave that has seen considerably more tourism development than rustic Muka. They will spend time with the local villagers and experience both the positives and negatives effects of tourism development.

Day 7 (Friday, 22 Nov 2019)

Back to Hong Kong

After checking out of the hotel, students will take the bus back to Chengdu. On the way back, the students will get to reflect back on their time in Chengdu as they savour their Sichuan lunch.