Sichuan, China

Trip Summary

Key Destination:


Sichuan Province is one of the largest provinces in China with an area of 485,000 km² (187,260 mi²). Its terrain slopes from west to east on the whole and the main landforms include plains, hills, mountains and plateaus. The climate is mild with plenty of rainfall. The average annual temperature is 14℃-19℃ and the annual rainfall is 900-1,200 mm. Located in the southwest part of the country, Sichuan is the gateway to Tibet.

Sichuan’s capital city, Chengdu, is the cultural and industrial centre for the agricultural Chengdu Plain and one of the first centres of printing in the country. It has also been famous for its luxurious satins, brocades, and lacquer ware since the 13th century.

Entry Gate: Qiangyang Gong

Itinerary Highlights:

Explore Chengdu culture and taste exotic Sichuan cuisine on a Food walking tour

Immerse yourself in a Sichuan Opera Performance

Get acquainted with the pandas at Wolong Panda Reserve

Experience the hospitality of Qiang Homestay

Mingle and make new friends at Muka and Taoping villages

Volunteer at Chengdu Hui Ling Centre for youth with special needs

Getting there:

Fly to Chengdu (Cathay Dragon)


This experience is best suited for students who:

Are eager to explore China, one place at a time

Want to contribute to the society by volunteering at Chengdu Pui Long Centre

Want to help preserve the world’s cuddliest animal, the Panda.

Are flexible and open-minded.