Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation Inc. (GK) is a radical movement with a vision of ending
poverty for five million Filipinos by 2024 by building communities one at a time. It has transformed 2,500 villages
from their old shanty houses to colorful GK ones. Central to this transformation is the continuous empowerment of
the people, who are key to expansion of the work as more beautiful, productive and healthy communities are
being built.

GK’s model focuses on building communities, the movement and social businesses.

The Philippines, comprising of 7,107 beautiful islands, is the setting for one of the most exciting stories of change
and empowerment in the world. While the Philippines is known for its beaches and other beautiful tourist
destinations, it is also known for its poverty and corruption. GK seeks to restore pride for our country and our
people by sharing the inspiring and exciting work with the poor to the rest of the world.