Trip preparations and packing list

Packing List

It is essential to respect the local customs/traditions with the clothing that you pack.  Shorts, skirts and summer dresses must be knee-length, and no spaghetti strap tops.  This applies to all locations on the trip.  Please respect this and pack modest clothes.  You will be asked to change your clothes if these guidelines are not followed. This is extremely important!

Please note there are no laundry facilities on this trip, however you can hand wash your clothes if necessary. Most people make the mistake of bringing too much clothing.  A suggestion: Avoid nylon and other synthetics which can be very uncomfortable in hot weather.

Travel light – you are away for one week. Pack only one bag/suitcase to check in and one carry-on bag/backpack. Best to have identification tags on your luggage.

You will need old clothes and sturdy shoes for the building / manual labour – these clothes will get dirty!

Clothes appropriate for the climate and season (average temperature range 32-25 degrees)
2 Long trousers (1 for work / 1 for in town and travel). Cotton trousers are fine, although light weight synthetic trousers are quicker to dry.
2 Long Shirts (1 for work / 1 for in town and travel) you want long sleeves to give you protection from the sun and insects!
1 Fleece or sweater – if you get a little cool in the evenings
2 Shorts (1 for work / 1 for in town and travel)
5 T shirts. Please, no offensive slogans or images. As this is a conservative area please avoid clothing that might attract unwanted attention.
1 Light rain jacket
Comfortable footwear to wear during free time
Sturdy, closed-toe walking shoes also suitable for work site
Durable trousers for work site
1 Flip flops
Swimwear (no bikinis)
Undergarments/Daily essentials
Sun glasses and hat
1 set of Pyjamas
Personal hygiene products (tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
Sunscreen and insect repellent
Any medication you normally take (with the prescription clearly indicated. You will need to talk to your trip leader about this)
Reusable water container
Sufficient money (in USD, or local currency) for souvenirs, shopping, soft drinks and snacks

1 Towel

Optional – bedding (blanket or sleeping bag).  Strongly suggest that this be an item you donate to your host family.

Other Items (non-essential)
Electrical adaptor
Earplugs and eye mask (you might share a room with someone shoe snores!)
Reading material
Playing cards

What not to bring

Any expensive watches or jewellery
Excessive amounts of money
laptops, iPads
Un-needed valuable items


Any items that are to be donated will be given to the community who will then disperse – aside form a small gift to you host family, and perhaps your bedding, no gifts are to be given to them.

Suggested items include stationery, toys, sports gear, unwanted items (clothing, toys, books etc BUT must be in good condition!)

Suggested that you prepare a small gift of not much monetary value to give to your host family.  This could include a photograph of you, a small trinket from Hong Kong etc.