Daily Itinerary

Day 1 (Saturday, 16 Nov 2019)

Arrive in Manila and travel to Gawad Kelinga (GK) Village Dasmarinas in Cavite.  Upon arrival we will have lunch and get to know our host families, who are beneficiaries of GK’s Building Communities programme and will accommodate us in pairs for three nights. We will then have an orientation to GK and hear (and see!) the work that they do.

Accommodation – village homestay

Day 2 (Sunday, 17 Nov 2019)

After a communal breakfast, we will participate in building activities plus farming and excavation work. After a break for lunch, we will kick off our ‘education fun’ programme, where you will interact and get to know the local children through leading games and learning activities that you have planned and brought equipment for.

Accommodation – village homestay

Day 3 (Monday, 18 Nov 2019)

Continue work on building activities plus farming and excavation in the morning.  Participate in community activities. After lunch you will continue delivering your planned ‘education fun’ programme.

Accommodation – village homestay

Day 4 (Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019) 

After breakfast we will pack up our gear, say goodbye to our host families and depart at 8am. We will head to Nuvali to grab some air at the Republic Wakeboard park, where the challenge of learning how to wakeboard will be offset by a relaxing lunch by the lake.  In the afternoon we will make our way to Manila, where we will spend the remainder of our week.  We will visit the Pinagsama community and find out about some social enterprise initiatives.

Accommodation – The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City

Day 5 (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019)

Visit KSEM – an organisation that works with street children.  Visit their accommodation facility then their drop in day centre. Then lunch at KSEM’s Kafe. Then a tour of a different kind, where we will get a glimpse of daily life of a community that makes a living through sifting through other people’s trash.  After which we will make a quick visit to GK village near Smokey Mountain called GK Paradise Heights. We’ll get to see the productivity centre that they have built. GK, through the Manila Jaycees (civic organisation) has built a sports field there (from garbage) where the kids and youth can practice football (soccer) and softball/baseball.  Then dinner and back to the hotel.

Accommodation – The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City

Day 6 (Thursday, 21 Nov 2019) 

A full day of developing an understanding of being Filipino.  The day will start off with some history with a walking tour around Intramuros focusing on “God, Gold, & Glory”.  After lunch, it is time for some indulgence in the arts, treasure, and more with a guided tour to the National Museum of the Philippines. We’ll then take a crash course in Baybayin, an ancient Philippine script derived from Brahmic scripts of India and first recorded in the 16th century. Then dinner and back to the hotel.

Accommodation – The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City

Day 7 (Friday, 22 Nov 2019) 

After checking out of our hotel, we will join the 800,000-odd daily visitors to the world’s 3rd biggest mall, the Mall of Asia. Here we will have the option to take in a film, shop, eat, ice skate and chill out before leaving for the airport.