Hoa Binh, Vietnam

Trip Summary

Key Destination:

Hoa Binh, North Vietnam.

Trip Outline:

After some time in historic Hanoi, Vietnam’s second largest city,  students’ will travel by bus to North Vietnam, where the groups will have the opportunity to experience life in rural Vietnam.  They will see community development projects in action, and have the chance to inquire, using the design thinking process, into ways that DC students can contribute to the local community while gaining an insight into the lives of the hill tribe populations.  Key learning experiences including local cooking, a trek through rice fields, a rafting experience and learning various local traditions with the indigenous communities.

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Make a positive difference through a community development project
  • Become immersed in the local culture
  • Hike through the stunning countryside
  • Learn local crafts
  • Learn to cook local food in a village setting
  • Explore Hanoi’s very French ‘Old Quarter’

 Getting there:

Direct Flight to Hanoi (Dragon Air).  Bus for ground transportation.

Requirements / Expectations:

This experience is suited to students who:

  • Look forward to the challenges of staying a few nights in rural Vietnam
  • Want to make a positive difference in the lives of others
  • Are eager to learn about the history and culture of Vietnam
  • Like Vietnamese cuisine
  • Can work collaboratively with others
  • Enjoy taking an adventure