Packing List

Monday – The big picture

Octopus card, ID Card & money for lunch

Comfortable shoes for hike

Water bottle

Small backpack


Tuesday – A day of action  – Land fill hike, Bread run

Octopus card  ID Card & money for lunch

Comfortable shoes

Water bottle

Small backpack

Large plastic carry bags x 4  for bread run


Wednesday & Friday – Overnight hike and camping

Everything you bring you have to carry from DB to the campsite – pack carefully.

Octopus card for bus rides and money for lunch on Friday (Tung Chung),

ID Card

Packed lunch Thursday

Ingredients for dinner and breakfast for Wednesday and Thursday  (try to be as green as possible)

Good walking shoes

At least 5 litres of water

Comfortable backpack with change of clothes, swimwear, toilet tissue, toothbrush & toiletries, mosquito repellent, light rain coat,  something warm in a waterproof bag.

Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, torch + a tent between 3 (tent provided by the school).

Pack light – you have to carry it all from DB