Hong Kong

Trip Summary (Details to be confirmed)

Key Destination:

Hong Kong

Trip focus: Sustainability

Explore Hong Kong with a lens to find out more about environmental and sustainability issues faced in our community.

There are three key themes that will guide the activities that you and the group will engage in, with students developing and implementing their own ‘project’ on one day during the week that links to these:

  • Sustainability issues affecting HK
  • What can we do to be more sustainable
  • Community Engagement

The week will involve an two night stay on Lantau Island, navigating in small groups to locations around the New Territories and  HK Island to visit key waste sites, collect and redistribute left over food and investigate sustainability issues within our society.

The week will see you working in small groups, or participating in activities with the whole group.  Activities will provide an opportunity for learning, personal growth, and fun!


HK$500.  On day trips, students will need to bring a packed lunch or bring money to buy their own lunch as well as bring an Octopus card to cover transportation costs. In line with the them of sustainability, as much as possible, public transport will be utilised.

Requirements / Expectations:

This experience is suited to students who:

  • Are interested in finding out first hand about some of the issues faced by the population of Hong Kong
  • Can develop plans and solve problems using creative thought
  • Are willing to actively participate in activities to benefit the HK community
  • Can work independently, are organised and can meet deadlines.