Guangxi, China

Trip Summary

Key Destinations:

Laozhai Village and surrounding areas, Guangxi, China


Students will be thoroughly immersed into the life of a local Yao ethnic minority community. Using the design thinking framework, students will be challenged to engage with the local community thereby developing a deep understanding of the community’s needs. Once these needs have been identified, students will then respond to these specific issues. Students will work with the community to design practical and sustainable responses to these issues.  

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Engaging in the life of the local community, including fishing, rice husking, sandal making and tofu making
  • Sharing meals with the local community
  • Independent exploration of the surrounding area
  • Activities which build student’s observation techniques, cultural literacy and empathy
  • Developing an understanding of ‘design thinking’ and ‘how might we’ strategies for solving real-world problems
  • Taking high-speed train from Shenzhen to Guilin

Getting there:

High-speed train from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Guilin West Station, Bus from Guilin West Station to Laozhai

Requirements / Expectations:

This experience is suited to students who:

  • Have an interest in Design thinking
  • Enjoy Chinese cuisine
  • Can think creatively to solve problems
  • Are willing to be adventurous
  • Have an interest in developing an understanding about ethnic Chinese cultures.
  • Chinese language skills are an advantage, but not a requirement (translators will be provided where required)
  • Enjoy the outdoors
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