Hoi An and Hue, Central Vietnam

Trip Summary

Key Destination:

Hue and Hoi An, Central Vietnam

Trip Outline:

Visit the former Vietnamese capital of Hue and discover Vietnam’s imperial past. Students will also be actively involved in ongoing development work with local university students. In Hue, a city rich with history, the group will explore the city sights, learn Vietnamese cooking, go herb picking and also have time for a river cruise!

The group then moves to Hoi An, a UNESCO town also known the Lantern city. Apart from visiting museum show-casing exclusive war artefacts and engaging with people who witnessed what is called locally the “American War”, the students will have the opportunity to experience the world famous Ky Anh war tunnels, also known as the rat tunnels.  

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Experience village life in central Vietnam staying with the Phu Luong commune
  • Continue the development work at Phu Long primary school. This will include building a much needed school library and technology suite.
  • Explore the imperial palace and forbidden city in Vietnam’s former capital, Hue. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the colourful history of the country.
  • Visit tunnels built for protection during the “American War” and learn about life at that time from those who built them with their own hands.
  • Prepare local Vietnamese cuisine in a cooking class.
  • Hang out at An Bang beach for a refreshing swim and dinner.
  • After an introduction to the Lifestart Foundation, join in classes for traditional Vietnamese painting and lantern making with its members.

Getting there:

Fly direct to Da Nang (Hong Kong Express). Bus for ground transport.

Requirements / Expectations:

This experience is suited to students who:

  • Have an interest in developing an understanding of ethnic Vietnamese culture
  • Can cope with basic accommodation amenities
  • Enjoy the outdoors and have a basic fitness level in order to participate in physical labour
  • Are willing to get their hands (and clothes) dirty
  • Would be interested in learning more about the issues faced living in rural Vietnam
  • Like to be adventurous and keen to participate in activities like raft building
  • Enjoy Vietnamese cuisine