Daily Itinerary

This itinerary is subject to change.  

Day 1 (Saturday, 16 Nov 2019)

The flight departs Hong Kong at 10am, arriving into Luang Prabang via Bangkok in the afternoon. World Volunteer staff will pick you up at the airport and minivans will and drop us off at our hotel in the center of town, itself a UNESCO World Heritage site. After a brief check-in at the hotel and a group orientation, we walk to our friends’ restaurant and enjoy an authentic local dinner. We get back to the hotel around 9:00 pm.

Day 2 (Sunday, 17 Nov 2019)

The day starts bright and early with a healthy breakfast before being picked up by our transport. After a short drive and a boat trip we continue on foot through the Laos jungle. It is an incredible hike through the lush mountainside with breathtaking scenery. This provides an important opportunity to learn about the challenges of daily life and farming in this region of Laos. After arriving at the village we divide into homestay groups and are introduced to our host family. After a nutritious Laos lunch in our new home, we take a tour of the village and the project site where we will receive an introduction to the building process and our work for the week. After dinner in our homestays at 6pm, we meet as a group for a bonfire – a perfect setting to discuss our experiences so far and our aims for the week. Bedtime in the village is 9:00.

Days 3 – 4 (Monday-Tuesday, (18-19 Nov 2019)

Let the work begin! The day begins with a morning activity as the sun comes up. This is a great way to start the day. Breakfast is served around 7.30am. After breakfast, we meet at the project site where we’re divided into working groups that rotate at the various working stations as the day progresses. We have a fruit break around 10am and have a two-hour lunch break at 12. We get back to the site again around 2pm and work through until 5. After a delicious evening meal, we meet again for an evening activity. These activities include learning about the communities’ spiritual beliefs by visiting the home of the village Shaman, hearing traditional Laos stories and creation myths from village elders, reflecting on the day around a bonfire, as well as interacting with our homestay families and enjoying some well-deserved downtime!

Day 5 (Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019)

This is the last day in the village. Believe us, the time flies. We spend the morning working on the building project. In the afternoon we have the opportunity to visit the school in the area for those that want to. In the evening we will be invited to a traditional Baci ceremony. This is a very unique and special ceremony carried out by the village elders as a way to show their appreciation for all our hard work at the project site. It is a really moving experience and something we will never forget.

Day 6 (Thursday, 21 Nov 2019)

Waterfall day! We get up early and hike to the beautiful Kuang Si waterfall. We start with a boat trip to the start of the hike. We then take a 2 hour hike through the Laos jungle and a great way to gain a better understanding of Laos’ tropical climate. We spend the morning swimming and jumping in the turquoise pools. After lunch, we visit the nearby Black Bear Rescue Center before taking minivans back to Luang Prabang and our hotel. We visit a temple and have a chat with the monks there. In the evening we enjoy the night market before heading back to our hotel.

Day 7 (Friday, 22 Nov 2019)

After an early breakfast, we visit UXO Laos: a charitable organisation which aims to safely remove unexploded ordnance in Laos that remains from the Vietnam War. Then after a quick cold drink & final goodbye, we leave for our flight home at 12:20pm. The group is back home in HK at 20:10.