Risk Assessment

The safety of students and staff participating in No Boundaries is a major focus. While the destinations we visit and the activities we conduct are challenging and exciting, they may also contain an element of risk.   To help manage such risks, the college follows the procedures outlined in the “ESF Policy on Outdoor fieldwork” in addition to consulting other risk management resources.

Some of the steps taken by the school in assessing and managing risks include:

  • Detailed risk-mitigation documents covering aspect of the activity are written, discussed and signed off by the No Boundaries Coordinator.
  • When using an outside tour agent / activity provider, documentation regarding the registration and status of the provider, as well as their policies and procedures relating to risk mitigation, are collected and checked.
  • International SOS is used to gather up-to-date, location specific medical and security information. This information is used as a part of risk assessments, and is also utalised during the activity by both the trip leader and the college.
  • Activity leaders have current first aid qualifications. First aid kits are taken on all activities.
  • Medical details of all trip participants are collected, examined and discussed with health professional where required. Trip leaders are therefore well aware of personal health needs for all students participating in the activity.
  • Additional insurance cover is taken out for all overseas, residential or high-risk activities. This allows access to the best emergency and medical assistance in the event of any incident.
  • Itineraries, contact details, student and family contact details are collated and copies kept at school.
  • A safety briefing presented by International SOS is attended by all trip leaders
  • Political and social factors that may expose activity participants to hazards, as well as weather and environmental information, are carefully checked for each destination prior to departure, and are monitored during the activity.