How do I Find a flat

Finding a flat in Hong Kong is done through property agents.  Agents do not have access to ALL listings, so it is some times advisable to contact multiple agents to have a good range of options available to you. 

Here are a few pointers for your apartment search:

    • Set your price expectation and stick to it.  Many agents will start to show you apartments above your price range, you should insist on staying within your budget.
    • Use one of the agents we’ve identified below as they’ve been used before by other staff who have had positive experiences.
    • Ask if the management fee is included in the monthly rental fee, it should be.
    • Usually there is room for a little negotiation on the rental price, but generally not a lot.
    • The property agent should be able to help you to set up your utilities – gas, water, electric.
    • Leases are generally for 24 months with an opt out after 14 months giving a two month notice period.
    • There is generally a two month deposit requirement plus 1/2 a month commission to the rental agent.
  • Your signed lease can be submitted to HR in order to receive a tax credit.

In Hong Kong you are usually required to give two month’s deposit and one month’s rent at the signing of the rental agreement. 

Below is a list of property agents in Discovery Bay.

Property agents Telephone Website
Headland Homes 2987 2088
Centaline Property Agency 2987 8484
Century 21 Newcourt Realty 2987 9729
Land Master Property 2987 6238
Midland Realty 2987 2888
Kingsland Properties 2987 2987
APP Mobility – Relocation Agents, Jacqueline Tilberis 2281 7800

A couple of other websites where you can search for apartments online are:

Please note, often listings are out of date, but you can get a general idea of what is in the market.