Summer Activities at The Academy, Hotel ICON

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We have finalised a package that we believe will fit your students and parents criteria.


As a brief introduction, Hotel ICON is more than just a place to stay. It is a learning environment, offering guests in Hong Kong a hotel with a very unique experience. This summer, Hotel ICON proudly presents “The Academy”, a boundless concept space where people inspire people to let ideas flow and synergise.


Facilitating modern designed venues, The Academy houses three new event options for any occasion, including Bistro 1979, a retro-themed restaurant that provides an array of authentic Western and Chinese dishes designed by the hotel’s award-winning culinary team; Vinoteca Lab, a studio for workshops and classroom-style events; and Food Lab Kitchen, a spacious, fully-equipped kitchen, ideal for any kind of cooking classes.


At the Academy, our teachers are all certified trainers and professional mixologists and chefs from Thailand, India, Malaysia and Hong Kong, they will help students to learn new cooking skills or build on what they already know. This empowers them to acquire the knowledge and confidence they need to establish lifetime skills and successful careers in hospitality.


I would like to introduce you to three summer activity packages including Kitchen Confidence, MasterChef Cooking Class and Mixology Class (mocktails). Students not only can take the recipe and the dish or cake home but also an official certificate from Hotel ICON. We have separated the in-residence as an option for parents who might wish to stay over and make a staycation of it.


To know more about the various packages we have on offer please refer to the details attached.


As a token of appreciation, your students will be entitled to a 15% off on the first workshop experience for bookings between now and 23 July 2021.


For further enquiries you can contact our Director of Sales, Ms. Winnie Lok on T: +852 3400 1180 or via email winnie.lok@hotel-icon.com.

Summer Activities at The Academy 20210625

IUMC Application Deadline – January 15th

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We hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to a lovely holiday and joyous Christmas season. Before your schools close, I would like to mention 3 important IUMC points prior to the New Year in case you have any students interested in studying Medicine or Dentistry in Ireland.  Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. office@iumcireland.com
Application Deadline – January 15th
Students who wish to apply for September 2021 intake should apply prior to January 15th if they wish to be considered for Medical and Dental School interviews in February. Late applications will be accepted on a case by case basis.
Apply to 4 universities in IRELAND
Students can apply to 4 Medical Schools or 2 Dental Schools in Ireland through the IUMC system.
IUMC Tuition Fee Discount
Students who secure a Medical or Dental School offer through the IUMC are eligible for a tuition fee discount of between EUR 6 – 14,000 per year depending on which university they enrol at.
Wishing you all the best for 2021!!!
The IUMC Team

The Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium consists of four of Ireland’s leading medical schools. Our office provide a full application service enabling you to apply for four leading Irish universities with one simple application form. Get in touch for more information about how you can make your dreams of an international medical education a reality!

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NYU – The Secret to the Perfect Essay

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NYU Logo
Hey, , how’s that essay coming along?
We’re about four weeks out from our final application deadlines and we want to help set you up for success! Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your essay, or experiencing some serious writer’s block, here are some articles to help you across the finish line!
Six Proofreading Tips for Your Essay

And here’s a bonus tip. Have someone—whether it’s a family member, counselor, teacher, or friend—read your essay beforehand (without telling them the essay prompt) to make sure you’re being as clear as you possibly can.

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Three Tips for Choosing the Right Essay Prompt

If you’re struggling about where to start, or which essay prompt to choose, you’re going to want to check out this article. The Common App provides seven prompts. Here’s some advice about which one to choose.

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A student stands in times square
Approaching the “Why NYU?” Question
NYU’s application doesn’t have a supplement, but there is one short answer question we ask you to answer. “Why NYU?” We promise this isn’t a trick question, but there are a few things that can help set you up for success—and a few clichés you probably want to avoid.

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NYU: Is early decision right for me?

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Hi ,

NYU’s first application deadline, Early Decision I, is just around the corner (Sunday, November 1). If NYU is your top choice, we encourage you to apply early decision. You may have some lingering questions, and we hope the information below will help you make the best decision.

Why should I apply early decision? If you’re sure NYU is the school for you, submitting your application for early decision can help shorten the college search process and reduce admissions stress. It’s also a great way to let our admissions committee know that NYU is your first choice. For some additional insight, Michelle (CAS ’23) talks about why she applied early decision and what she wants other students to know on Meet NYU.

When is the early decision deadline? The deadline to apply Early Decision I to NYU is Sunday, November 1.

What if I’m not ready by November 1? We also offer two other decision plans if you need a bit more time to decide or to present your best case for admission. Our Early Decision II deadline is January 1, and our Regular Decision deadline is January 5, with notification dates of February 15 and April 1.

What about financial aid? Apply for financial aid—regardless of whether you are interested in need or merit-based aid—if you want to be considered for scholarships. And remember, if comparing financial aid packages is an important factor in your decision to enroll, applying Regular Decision may be better for you. Regular Decision gives you the ability to indicate that NYU is your top choice on your application while retaining the flexibility to compare your financial aid packages from other schools.

When you’re ready, click the link below to start your application.

Start Your Application

Crash Course Youtube Channel

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Crash Course: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX6b17PVsYBQ0ip5gyeme-Q

Linguistics Preview

Linguistics is everywhere and is super useful for pretty much everyone. Over 16 episodes, Taylor Behnke will teach you all about language, from its structure, to the relationship between language and our identity, the brain, and computers, to writing, language acquisition, and the diversity of human languages!

Artificial Intelligence Preview

Artificial Intelligence! In this series host Jabril Ashe will teach you the logic behind AI by tracing its history and examining how it’s being used today. We’ll even show you how to create some of your own AI systems with the help of co-host John Green Bot! We’ll also spend several episodes on an area of AI known as machine learning which has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. AI is everywhere right now and has the potential to do amazing things in our lives. But there’s also great potential for peril, which is why we believe it is more important than ever that developers, and non-developers alike, understand AI.

Engineering Preview

Dr. Shini Somara will teach you how we built much of our world with engineering! This course is based on introductory college-level material across many different engineering disciplines.

Statistics Preview

Statistics! In this series we’re going to take a closer look at how statistics play a significant role in our everyday lives. Now this a “math” course, and there will definitely be some math, but we’re going to focus on how statistics is useful and valuable to you – someone that performs AND consumes statistics all the time. Statistics are everywhere from batting averages and insurance rates to weather forecasting and smart assistants, and it’s our hope that when you finish this series you’ll get a better idea of the role statistics play in helping us better understand the world!

Sociology Preview

Host Nicole Sweeney will walk you through questions big and small about how we both shape societies and are shaped by them. We hope you’ll join us.

Theater and Drama Preview!

This year Mike Rugnetta is teaching you about theater and drama. Are you in drama club? Want to know about the history of theater? Maybe learn some theater history? Have a lot of fun? This is the series for you! Over the next year, we’re going to learn about the history and workings of the dramatic arts, together. It’s going to be a great time, very low drama. Except it’s all drama. Embrace the paradox, folks.

University of Cambridge – HE+

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HomeUniversity of Cambridge


What is HE+

Thinking about applying to University and looking for ways to explore your subject beyond the curriculum? Then this website is for you. Each topic is produced by Cambridge postgraduate students and academics at the cutting edge of research in their field. The topics provide guided activities, questions to think about and suggestions for further reading.

The main subject pages also give you a quick guide to what it would be like to study the subject at university level and suggest some further resources to check out. Click on a subject icon or search all topics to get started!

If you are interested in finding out more about the face to face HE+ programme across selected groups of schools and colleges, please visit the Undergraduate Study website.

Study Medicine at Queen Mary University of London

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Queen Mary University of London
MBBS (Malta)

Medical Doorway are delighted announce the availability of seats in clearing to study medicine at QMUL’s campus in Malta. This is the same programme as taught in London so comes with direct GMC eligibility. This is perfect for those students who are solely focused on gaining a UK degree.

This offers a fantastic opportunity for applicants in possession of their IB or A-level results.

Applications are 100% free to submit through the Medical Doorway portal. Shortlisted applicants will be offered a video interview direct with members of QMUL faculty.

The faculty will potentially consider students who have just missed the 37 IB points and also students who have achieved an ABB in their A-levels. A 2019 or 2020 UCAT is required.

Interviews are taking place daily so we advise students to apply now using the link below.

Apply to QMUL MBBS Maltal

Study Medicine in Malta

Fall 2020 Global Online Learning from San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley

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Global Online Learning (GOL)

·       Earn Credits across 148 Universities

·       Accept both High School Graduates and Current High School Students

·       Self-paced Classes Designed and Taught by Our College Professors

·       Save up to 65% off University Tuition, and Scholarships are Available

Since 2016, students from outside the US have been successfully taking our online credit courses accepted by 140+ universities, including those in the top 20 such as UC Berkeley and UCLA (See 2019 Student Testimonials). With GOL offered by our colleges, students have an extensive selection of university-approved courses and pay much lower tuition compared to the same courses offered at those universities. GOL classes are designed and taught directly by our college professors and high-tech professionals in Silicon Valley.  The classes are asynchronous (self-paced) with dedicated support and tutoring services as well as live/synchronous teaching where needed. 


High school graduates can now directly apply for GOL here.


Current high school students in foreign countries can also apply but must belong to a cohort (group) managed by a partner of our colleges. A partner can be an education consultancy, agency, or a high school. If you are or know someone who is interested in being a GOL partner with us, please complete and submit this FORM. Inquire now.


To Learn More: attend our Pre-scheduled Open Office Chat/Info Webinars.

If you have questions about GOL or any other subjects, please join us every Thursday at 7am (PST). Click here to register. You only need to register once to attend all future sessions.

GOL Websitewww.smccd.edu/international/gol.php

San Mateo Colleges of Silicon Valley are three fully accredited public colleges: Cañada College, College of San Mateo and Skyline College, located near San Francisco in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

The colleges are known for their Top Rankings, Great Locations and Exceptional Services. They are No. 1 in international transfer student admission rates to UC Berkeley and 70% admission rate to UCLA (honors students). They are ranked Top 20 among all community college in America by IIE since 2018. They have the largest university network, called College University Partnership (CUP) in the US.

They are known for their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, eArt and Math) programs and various partnership programs with world-class companies such as Gilead, PlayStation, YouTube, Netflix, Google, Apple, Salesforce, Twitter and Facebook.

Study Medicine at Queen Mary University of London

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Queen Mary University of London
MBBS (Malta)

Medical Doorway are delighted announce that the deadline for applications to study medicine at QMUL’s campus in Malta has been extended. This is the same programme as taught in London so comes with direct GMC eligibility. This is perfect for those students who are solely focused on gaining a UK degree.

The extension to the deadline offers a fantastic opportunity for applicants who receive their IB results next week or A-level candidates awaiting August results.

Applications are 100% free to submit through the Medical Doorway portal. Shortlisted applicants will be offered a video interview direct with members of QMUL faculty.

Following a video interview, applicants currently studying their A-levels will be made a conditional offer of AAB. IB students will be required to gain 37 points overall. At least two sciences on A-levels or at the Higher Level on the IB are required.

Apply to QMUL MBBS Malta

Skidmore Admission Online Resources

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Students who will be applying to universities for Fall 2021 and 2022 cycles, we have enhanced our virtual opportunities to better get to know Skidmore.  We have already opened our interview options for students in the 2021 batch and offer weekday online information sessions with a member of our staff (accompanied by students).  We are eager to begin to get to know your students wherever they are