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University of Cambridge – Update

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Below is a step-by-step guide to help your students through the admissions process. Please bear in mind that we have an earlier UCAS application deadline of 15 October 2021 (Or 20 September 2021 for students in time zones of GMT+7 who would like to be considered for overseas interview slots with the international interviews team).

1.  Choose a course

2.  Decide whether to apply directly to a College, or to make an open application

3.  Check admission assessment arrangements – You can find further information on assessments in the information below or on our webpage admission assessments.

4.  Complete the UCAS application form – This includes the personal statement, which gives applicants the opportunity to tell us about their academic interests and motivations for applying for their chosen course. Make sure they include any super-curricular activities!

5.  Complete the Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) – For applicants who would like to be considered for international interview slots, the SAQ deadline is 27 September 2021. In all other cases, the deadline is 22 October 2021.

6. If your student is required to submit a transcript – This depends on the course and College applied to but must be submitted by 18.00 (UK time)  22 October 2021. If you are applying for a slot with the international interviews team in October (see above), you will need to submit your transcript by 20 September.

7.  If required, take a pre-interview assessment – A list of courses requiring a pre-interview assessment can be found here. Further information on pre-interview assessments can be found in the article below. (Please note that some courses require an at-interview assessment instead. A list of these courses can be found here. Applicants do not need to be registered in advance for at-interview assessments.)

8.  If invited, attend interview – More information can be found online and in the Overseas Interviews section below.

9. Application decisions will be sent out in mid-January 2022

International Applicants: How to Apply for Undergraduate Study

We also have a useful video summarising the application process which you may wish to share with your students.

Watch the video >

Pre-interview Assessments

Most applicants to Cambridge are required to take a written assessment, either pre-interview or at interview. Our pre-interview assessments are administered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT). A list of courses that require a pre-interview assessment, together with specimen and past papers, can be found on our Pre-interview assessments webpage.

Some applicants will be able to take their pre-interview assessment in school, provided that their school is registered as a test centre with CAAT. To become a test centre, schools must complete a Centre Approval Request Form, which you can access via this webpage. If applicants are unable to take their pre-interview assessment in school, they will need to find an open test centre.

All applicants for courses requiring a pre-interview assessment must be registered with their test centre by 15 October 2021. Please be aware that open test centres may be very popular and/or impose an earlier deadline. Applicants who require specific access arrangements must be registered with their test centre by 30 September 2021. Further information can be found  here.


For 2022 entry, the pre-interview written assessments are scheduled to take place on the following dates in the UK:

Wednesday, 3 November 2021 – BMAT, ECAA, ENGAA, NSAA

Thursday, 4 November 2021 – TSA, TMUA, ELAT

Applicants taking the pre-interview written assessments overseas must check the website as the scheduled start times for international centres may vary.

Please note that for some international interview schemes, these assessments may take place after your remote interview. In this situation, your written assessment will still be considered by your Cambridge College along with your international interview report.

Overseas Interviews

This year, all of our interviews will take place virtually. Your students may be interviewed by the admissions team in the College they applied to, or by international interviews team for certain subjects, if they apply for this option. Regardless of who interviews your students, the aims and format of the interview will be the same.

The international interviews team generally conduct interviews earlier (during October and November) which allows for additional capacity to invite candidates for interview in over-subscribed subjects. By applying to be interviewed by the international interviews team, this means your students are willing to be interviewed either by that team or by the College. There is an earlier application deadline of 20 September for the October interview slots and these are reserved for candidates in time zones of GMT+8 or more. Candidates in China and Hong Kong should apply by 15 October for the November interview slots.

Visit our website for the most up to date information about virtual interviews in 2021.