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Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a strong believer the value of mentorship

Mentors are an essential part of Georgetown University’s new Pre-College Online Program.

At Georgetown, we believe high school students should be supported as they explore their interests. When they enroll in one of our new online, pre-college courses, each student is assigned a mentor who helps guide the learning experience. Mentors are Georgetown students and alumni who are well-versed in the subject area of the course.

Mentors also answer questions about majors and careers in the field. They help with brainstorming and assignments.

This commitment to providing support for students is at the heart of the Georgetown approach. We follow the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis—care for the whole person—and our goal with this new program is to provide a holistic experience. Students deserve the opportunity to develop their own talents and dreams, and this program will help them do that.

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Current courses offered:

Law: How to Think Like an Attorney

High school students are given an inside look at the profession. They practice creating evidence-based arguments, analyzing information, and discerning fact from opinion. Topics covered offer a good background for potential college majors and career paths related to law.

Medical Research: Clinical Trials Resulting in Medical Discoveries

High school students learn the processes researchers use to formulate and conduct studies, as well as evaluate the evidence gathered. Topics covered offer a good background for potential college majors and career paths related to STEM, medical research, pharmacology, and biostatistics.


Two Key Advantages for Students
  • Flexible learning: Course lessons are delivered by renowned professors through dynamic videos, allowing students to study anytime that fits their schedule.
  • Certificate of Completion from Georgetown University: High school students earn this recognition when they finish the course successfully.

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