OCAD U Summer Workshops at Home

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Summer Workshops at Home

Are your students looking to push their creativity? Explore new media? Get experience working with professional creatives? OCAD University’s Summer Workshops are online running July 5th through 30th! Encourage them to sign up and get notified when registration opens here.


Being an artist or designer is not just about acquiring technical skill, it is also about being a strong critical, conceptual and creative thinker. At OCAD University, we teach our students how to be well rounded artists and designers who can talk about their work, write about their work, present themselves, and market themselves. We set out to help them find their place in a larger community of creative makers and thinkers by encouraging them to seek out opportunities to participate, connect and collaborate with one another.

So when you are preparing your portfolio, we want to know what motivates and excites you, where your ideas come from and most importantly, who you are. With that in mind, we developed the Summer Workshops at Home.

OCAD University’s Summer Workshops at Home are 3-week long studio experiences dedicated to help you create a finished work, or several finished pieces, for your portfolio! This programming is made for emerging artist and designers looking to pursue post-secondary education in the creative field.

While the workshops are geared towards ages 15-19, anyone is welcome to join!

Work closely with and learn from professional artists and designers to further develop your creative skills. Each course, facilitated online, is approximately 6 to 9 hours per week and offered synchronously.

Connect with your peers and instructor while working towards a finished or several finished works to add to your portfolio.

The course offerings are diverse, and you are welcome to choose your own schedule by signing up for more than one! Develop your current skills and understandings or explore new styles and mediums!

We hope that you join us in supporting your studio art or design practice!

Features include:

  • Fully online – join from your living room!
  • 6-9 hours of instruction per week. The length of each course varies.
  • Synchronous instruction (you’ll be live online with your instructor).
  • Assignments between each class that can take up to 5 hours of offline creation time.

With Summer Workshops at Home, you can:

  • Build your own schedule – register for more than one!
  • Work towards a finished or several finished works for your portfolio!
  • Explore a new path: Courses are diverse! Pick ones that deepen your understanding of a discipline or connect with other interests.
  • Submit your work to an online gallery! Get the chance to show off your creations!


July 5 to July 30, 2021


Cost per workshop ranges from $100 – $200 CAD, depending on the length of the course.