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Rochester Pre-College Online Program

University of Rochester online courses provide the advantage of live mentorship

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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

So says Isaac Newton.

In this spirit, University of Rochester has designed three online courses that enable high schoolers to explore their passions before college. All courses offer live, online mentorship to guide students along the way. Mentors are themselves students with experience in the subjects covered by the courses. They enrich the learning process by adding first-hand experience and can answer questions about majors and careers in the field. They also brainstorm with students and assist with assignments.

All of our courses are flexible, featuring dynamic, online videos led by professors and live sessions with mentors, so students can study anytime, anywhere, at their own pace.

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Meet some of our University of Rochester mentors:

Michael Healey, Rochester Graduate class of 2016.

Michael Healey, Rochester Graduate class of 2016.

Michael is a mentor for our U.S. Healthcare course. After spending two years as a teaching assistant for courses in American health policy and related topics, he is now an MD/PhD candidate studying the history of medicine.

Jocelyn Matthew, undergraduate at Rochester

Jocelyn Matthew, undergraduate at Rochester

Jocelyn is a mentor for our Personalized Medicine course. She’s studying Genetics and has experience as a Chemistry TA, as well as research experience in personalized cancer vaccine development. She also volunteers for the STEM Initiative, aiming to inspire students in Rochester elementary and middle schools to pursue studies and careers in the STEM fields.

Personal mentoring for guidance—flexible learning format
  • Mentorship: Students will participate in live, online group sessions with a Rochester mentor who assists with brainstorming on their final project and answering questions about assignments.
  • Flexible learning: Course lessons are delivered by renowned professors through dynamic videos allowing them to study anytime that fits their schedule.
  • Certificate of Completion from the University of Rochester: Students earn this recognition when they finish the course successfully.

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