Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium (IUMC): Apply to Medical School in Ireland in Five Easy Steps!

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Apply to Medical School in Ireland in Five Easy Steps!

If you are thinking of making your dreams of a world-class medical education a reality, or are simply interested in discovering the process involved, read on to discover the 5 Simple Steps required to apply to medical school in Ireland. 
Step 1: Get in Touch!
Students can begin the process by filling out the enquire page on our website to request an application form. We are also available by phone/WhatsApp, using the numbers provided on our site, by Zoom online consultations, or at our office email
Step 2: Gather supporting documents and submit with application form to our IUMC office
After you’ve gotten in touch, a member of our support team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you are aware of the supporting documents required and how best to source them. These can be submitted, along with your completed application form, to any of our IUMC offices.
Step 3 – Pay Application Fee
The application fee currently stands at 50. This covers your application to 4 leading Irish universities using just 1 application form!
Step 4 – Wait for feedback on potential interview


Once your application has been reviewed by the universities you have applied for, you will receive notification, through the IUMC, regarding your potential interview dates. The IUMC will be here to support you at this point, to answer any questions you may have regarding the interview process and to ensure dates/times are convenient for you. At present, medical school application interviews are taking place online through digital communication platforms. 


Step 5 – Accept your Offer


Just imagine, you’ve been offered a place at an internationally accredited medical school, situated on a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean which also happens to be the EU’s only English-speaking country. You can look forward to taking your place among a diverse student-body featuring students from all over the world in addition to local people who are renowned the world-over for their hospitality towards visitors. 

It’s important to note, that while accepting your offer is the final step in the application journey, this is far from the end of your support from The IUMC. We provide support to applicants with everything from planning your journey, navigating the visa process and indeed finding accommodation in Ireland. We will be here to support you for the duration of your time in Ireland.

The Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium consists of four of Ireland’s leading medical schools. We provide a full application service enabling you to apply for four leading Irish universities with one simple application form. Get in touch for more information about how you can make your dreams of an international medical education a reality!