Oxford: Admissions 2021 – online interviews

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The subject-specific timetable for interviews is now available. Interviews are scheduled to take place between 7 and 18 December. We expect that most candidates will be at school for their interviews but we do understand this may not be possible in all cases. Your shortlisted applicants will need your help to find a quiet location, with the necessary IT equipment and stable Wi-fi.

Technology requirements

All interviews for 2021-22 entry will take place online using Microsoft Teams. Any additional technology required will depend on the course being interviewed for. Technology requirements have been divided into three tiers, with tier 1 involving the least technology and tier 3 requiring the most. Most courses are in tier 1 where only a computer for video conferencing using Microsoft Teams is required. Interviews for some subjects are likely to require the use of a shared virtual whiteboard and in other, more mathematical subjects, a separate touchscreen device will be needed for the whiteboard along with a basic universal stylus so that mathematical notation, drawn sketches, annotated diagrams or text, or added text can be shared. You can see the essential equipment and technology required for each subject on our website.

No candidate or their school will be expected to purchase a touchscreen device in order to participate in their Oxford interviews. Where necessary, for tier 3 subjects and where there are more technology requirements, colleges will discuss alternative arrangements with schools and applicants in order to find a practical solution for everyone involved.

What will the online interviews be like?

We have produced three videos to help candidates get a better sense of what the interviews will be like. Links to these videos will be sent out with interview invitations but they are also available as part of the interview guidance on our website. In addition, we have provided answers to the most commonly asked questions, including how to prepare, in a new FAQs section.

New Code of Conduct

This year we have introduced a new Code of Conduct which candidates agree to when they accept their online interview invitation. Please note that candidates are asked not to record the interview or “share in any form the content of interviews with others”.