New Option at EHL : 8-month internship before starting your Bachelor in Singapore

Posted by heo

New Option : 8-month internship in your home country + 3-year Bachelor in Singapore

Students can now experience Asia and Singapore with the N°1 university in Hospitality Management. With EHL’s new option, students can get their EHL Bachelor Degree in only 3 years:

By starting with an 8 month internship in your home country, students will be able to start the program directly in Singapore without doing the preparatory year in Lausanne and continue in EHL Campus (Singapore) to get their EHL Bachelor Degree in only 3 years. Over 100 positions are available through the EHL network.

January – August 2021:
8-month internship at one of EHL’s partner companies 
September 2021:
Start first year of Bachelor in Hospitality Management in Singapore

Internship positions are currently available in key locations in Asia. All other prospective students will receive internship support on a case to case basis.

We encourage you to share this opportunity with suitable students.

For those interested to start their first year (without the Preparatory Year) in Singapore in Fall 2021, click here to receive more information or be contacted by the EHL Admissions Team.

Have a look at some of the companies students could be joining as soon as January 2021 :