NYU: Is early decision right for me?

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NYU’s first application deadline, Early Decision I, is just around the corner (Sunday, November 1). If NYU is your top choice, we encourage you to apply early decision. You may have some lingering questions, and we hope the information below will help you make the best decision.

Why should I apply early decision? If you’re sure NYU is the school for you, submitting your application for early decision can help shorten the college search process and reduce admissions stress. It’s also a great way to let our admissions committee know that NYU is your first choice. For some additional insight, Michelle (CAS ’23) talks about why she applied early decision and what she wants other students to know on Meet NYU.

When is the early decision deadline? The deadline to apply Early Decision I to NYU is Sunday, November 1.

What if I’m not ready by November 1? We also offer two other decision plans if you need a bit more time to decide or to present your best case for admission. Our Early Decision II deadline is January 1, and our Regular Decision deadline is January 5, with notification dates of February 15 and April 1.

What about financial aid? Apply for financial aid—regardless of whether you are interested in need or merit-based aid—if you want to be considered for scholarships. And remember, if comparing financial aid packages is an important factor in your decision to enroll, applying Regular Decision may be better for you. Regular Decision gives you the ability to indicate that NYU is your top choice on your application while retaining the flexibility to compare your financial aid packages from other schools.

When you’re ready, click the link below to start your application.

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