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Greetings and well wishes from the Office of International Admissions at California College of the Arts (CCA). We hope this email finds you well and that you and your students have adjusted to this year’s unusual challenges. We understand that many schools are still immersed in virtual learning, while some have resumed in-person classes. Whatever the case, we’d like to share some helpful information and provide a few opportunities and informational tools for your students interested in pursuing arts, design, writing and architecture. Please feel free to share with your teachers, students and their families!


Students oftentimes have questions about the art school portfolio. While every school is different, CCA has put together a helpful guide designed to give general tips on how to create an art portfolio. We recommend the guide to students who are preparing their college applications, as well as students just starting to explore the arts.


Another resource that’s valuable for counselors/teachers, students, and their parents is the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD). AICAD is a consortium of 36 leading, non-profit art schools. The AICAD website is an excellent place to research college options, learn about pre-college programs, find out about career prospects, and even request an online portfolio review from a member institution.


We’d also like to invite you and your students to learn more about California College of the Arts! Aside from our virtual tour, we offer a variety of opportunities like monthly portfolio workshops and information sessions, and weekly student-led virtual tours. Students can find the calendar of events and register here.


Finally, if you’re interested in scheduling a virtual college visit/workshop, you can select a time using our online booking system. If the times aren’t convenient, we’ve prepared digital content that students can view on their own time. These recordings include a 15-minute Information Session, as well as several short 5-minutes videos on a few of our most popular programs (Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, and Architecture). Alternatively, if your school only accepts group visits, we’ve partnered with three other AICAD art schools to provide workshops. You can learn more about that option here.


We hope this information is helpful to you and your students. As always, please know that we are here to answer your questions!

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