Updates from Trinity – October Edition

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I hope you had a great start to the new academic year in spite of ongoing challenges. Here at Trinity, our students are just starting their academic year with orientation week just over now.

Below are some more updates from us in a text format – for a interactive newsletter, please follow this link.  As always, don’t hesitate to contact me at Dominique.Luthringer@tcd.ie if you have any questions.

  • Opening of applications 

This year, our online application system will open on 1st November for non-EU residents and on 5th November for EU residents. Please note that the applications to our Dual BA in partnership with Columbia University are open.

Just as a quick reminder, non-EU students apply directly on our website while EU residents apply via the Central Applications Office or CAO.

If you want to learn more about studying in Ireland, EU and non-EU status, and how to apply to universities in Ireland, we will be running a dedication information session for counsellors on 21st October at 9 am Dublin time. Details can be found here.

  • 11 course options on the Trinity Columbia Dual BA 

Following the addition of Neuroscience and Geosciences as programme options for 2020 entry, we are pleased to announce that two new courses have now been added for 2021 entry:

  • Religion
  • Philosophy

To find out more about all the study options via the Dual BA, please visit this page.

  • Trinity launches a new Joint Honours Degree in Computer Science and Geography 

The new Honours Bachelor’s Joint Degree in Computer Science and Geography offers an interactive, varied and exciting course structure that combines theory, field studies and laboratory-based studies.  This programme is delivered through the expertise of the School of Computer Science and Statistics and the Department of Geography.  Graduates with the skills obtained from this new programme will be at the heart of the design of future smart and sustainable cities and societies.

Click here for more information.

  • Trinity launches new integrated degree in Environmental Science & Engineering 

Environmental Science and Engineering is a new integrated undergraduate (4 years) with postgraduate (+1 year) degree course. It aims to train the next generation of graduates to have the competencies, knowledge and experience necessary to design and deploy solutions that protect and improve our environment and human wellbeing.  Students complete an integrated five-year course consisting of a four year B.Sc., plus an additional optional year of study leading to either a Master in Engineering (Studies) M.A.I. (St.) or a Master in Applied Environmental Science MAES.

This course provides students with a fundamental grounding in natural sciences and engineering, and in the applied skills required to develop sustainable solutions for major societal and environmental challenges.

Click here for more information.

  • Orientation and student support in time of Covid-19 

You may be interested in learning what starting studies at Trinity this year has been like for y(our) students, from a 2-week restriction of movement to online orientation. Take a look at our Journey Checklist and our Undergraduate orientation page for more details!

  • Webinar fatigue?  

Tired of listening to webinars? No worries, we are happy to connect with yourself and your students for informal chats. Just use this platform to schedule a one on one chat. Alternatively, grab a nice cuppa and enjoy our virtual campus tour!