Virtual UK University Hong Kong IB Clearing Fair, July 7th 2pm-7pm

Posted by heo

Virtual UK University Clearing fair for IB students on Monday 6th July. We would like to invite your students that are looking for a place through clearing or just want to explore their options after receiving their results.


The session will run from 2pm – 8pm (HK) or 7am – 1pm (UK). Students can scan the QR code on the attached poster using their phones/tablets and this will take the student to the universities website where they can book an appointment with a university representative. Some universities are in the position to issue an offer on the spot, other universities can issue offer recommendations or at least give the students an idea of whether they would be able to consider a student for a program at that university.


The student will need their official and final results in order to be assessed by a university representative, it is very unlikely that a university would be able to assess a student with only predicated grades. Universities will need an electronic copy of their IB Certificate to formalise any official offer issued, so it might be worth helping students obtain an electronic copy of the certificate whether this is scanning or taking a photo on their phone.


Each session will last around 15 minutes long, this should be enough time for the university and students to discuss their options and the next steps for that student. Some universities might be offering shorter or longer sessions and might also be offering Tuesday 7th July as an alternative option as well. All sessions are virtual and will be held on Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other programs.


The purpose of the fair is to give options to students that may need to apply through clearing and/or assess their options after receiving their results. Students that are Conditional Firm/Insurance at institutions are not encouraged to book a session with those institutions that they hold an offer with, as representatives cannot make their offers Unconditional during the fair. They would need to contact their university directly.


Please see attached the promotional poster for the event confirming the universities that are attending, QR codes and other details. The universities that are taking part in this event will be promoting this via their social media channels, however it would also be great if you could please promote this to your students/parents/counsellors as well.