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Major Update!

Webinar Wednesdays Series


Hi there Higher Education Office!

Ritsumeikan University has recently announced updates to admissions guidelines relating to English proficiency requirements.  This applies to our English-medium programs too!

So the Webinar Wednesdays Team will be covering the change in-depth in the upcoming episode!


Topic: Episode 8

English Language Requirements?

An Intro, Explanation and Update.

Understanding application eligibility, the requirements and covering the major update to recent change in policy.

Webinar Wednesdays will introduce the context of applying to Ritsumeikan, the impact of the changes to applications for 2021 enrollment and how to get the most out of this update to the Application Handbook.


Date & Time

July 8, 2020 at 3:00 PM (Japan Standard Time).
What is Webinar Wednesdays?
Webinar Wednesdays is a fortnightly webinar event run by the Webinar Wednesdays Team out of the International Admissions Office. It has a community of fellow applicants, students and many of those interested in Japan.
As a constant event which builds out of the community, we grow with our friends and students through their discussion and activities.
From anywhere across the world, you’ll be able to join and chat with everyone in the community.
If you would like to join the hundreds of friends at Webinar Wednesdays, sign-up here.

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Can’t make it?

We understand if you can’t make it, thank you, but no worries! Send a message to the Webinar Wednesday team, and we’ll send you a link to see our archive after this episode is added.