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What is sustainable fashion?

Free content for your students

Dear Guidance Counselor,

In this time of social distancing, many of your high school students are at home. This could be an opportunity for them to explore subjects they are passionate about.

Parsons Paris is making free learning content available to students. 

Designed for high schoolers, this content enables them to explore their interest in the business of fashion. Learning modules include videos with experts and professionals in the field—as well as stimulating questions and research exercises. 

Free Online Learning Module: Change the Way You Think About Fashion

  • High school students discover how sustainability led the way to new fabrics, new looks and innovations such as “Rent the Runway.”
  • Participants watch engaging videos and hear from fashion experts and designers.
  • Students can test what they’ve learned by answering the questions provided.

Access Free Content <>

Thank you in advance for forwarding the link above to your high school students.