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New Immersive Career Experiences
The “Live & Online” Series

Film-Making. Computer Science. Law. International Politics. Architecture. Entrepreneurship.

As promised last week, we are delighted to announce that InvestIN will be providing six additional career experience programmes LIVE & ONLINE in May for students aged 15-18. These programmes give students the opportunity to gain crucial career coaching in a live, interactive environment, from the comfort of their own homes.

The new programmes are listed below. Click on any to see full details and register now.

Our ‘Live & Online’ programmes are delivered by top professionals who will be on-hand throughout to answer your students’ questions live from London.

Highlights and dates for all our April/May ‘Live & Online’ programmes are set out later in this email

These programmes are for students aged 15-18. Highlights of each programme are set out below. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

We kindly ask that you forward this email to your students so that they can register now.

Highlights & Dates For All ‘Live & Online’ Programmes

18th April
Coaching on: pricing and trading stocks, valuing companies, negotiating in a live deal, and building a portfolio
19th April
Coaching on: building the ultimate electric vehicle, mapping a mission to Mars and creating the city of the future
25th April
Coaching on: stitching up a wound, x-ray examination and taking a patient’s medical history. PLUS dedicated coaching on medical school applications, interviews and tests
26th April
Coaching on: Clinical, forensic and business psychology. Advising police during a live hostage negotiation, communicating with patients during a CBT session, and using psychology to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of consumers
2nd May
Coaching on: Strategy, marketing, rapid growth, recruitment, fundraising and more. Take part in a competitive, cutting-edge simulation where you must grow a business rapidly over a condensed 12-month period
3rd May
Coaching on: Criminal, Corporate, Human Rights and Family Law. Take part in a live, simulated murder trial. Debate a high-profile human rights case. Challenge opponents in a litigation case. Public speaking coaching by barristers
9th May
Coaching on: Cutting-edge, 3D visualisations of innovative designs. Smart city and digital infrastructure scoping. RIBA Stages 2 and 3 of building design in accordance with a client brief
10th May
Coaching on: Working as a UN Ambassador in a ‘Model UN’ simulation; acting as a Diplomat advising the UK government; tackling poverty during an International Development crisis
16th May
Coaching on: scriptwriting, directing and production, planning and pitching a successful film, post-production editing, sound production (J-cuts and L-cuts)
17th May
Coaching on: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Discover ‘Big Data’, contribute to the design of an AI system, experience ‘penetration testing’ and carry out a forensic investigation