Webinar: OWN Your Future with Natalie Chan Starting February 22

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Introducing “OWN Your Future” a show for young people to uncover truths about life and work. Natalie Chan, the founder & CEO of OWN Academy will be the host of the show. OWN Your Future is a live broadcast interview with an live Q&A session.

OWN Your Future will be broadcast live every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm Hong Kong Time, the first season will include 30 guests from different professional backgrounds. Natalie will be interviewing people who are world-famous YouTuber, Drew Binsky, to people who have chosen a lifestyle to travel and live like a nomad to people who work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Check out the promo video of OWN Your Future

The first episode is on February 22, 2020, Saturday at 8 pm HKT. Register for the live broadcast episodes on YouTube. Below are the first 5 episodes:

Episode 1 (click to register)

Date: 22 February 2020 (Saturday) / 8 pm HKT

Guest: Billy Tam (Founder of LIGHTS//OUT Boxing Club)

Industry: Health and Fitness

Episode 2 (click to register)

Date: 26 February 2020 (Wednesday) / 8 pm HKT

Guest: James Woodward (Creative Director of kith&kin)

Industry: Design and Music

Episode 3 (click to register)

Date: 29 February 2020 (Saturday) / 8 pm HKT

Guest: Laura Zhang (Artist and Curator of Minh Gallery)

Industry: Art

Episode 4  (click to register)

Date: 3 March 2020 (Wednesday) / 8 pm HKT

Guest: Adam Raby (Founder and Director of Mazu Resortwear)

Industry: Fashion Entrepreneurship

Episode 5 (click to register)

Date: 6 March 2020 (Saturday) / 8 pm HKT

Guest: Cally Chan (Founder and Director of Coltex Furnishing)

Industry: Textile and Design

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