First rehearsal of this year’s Secondary Production, “This Too Shall Pass”

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On Wednesday 22nd of August, an amazing total of over 60 students came together for our first rehearsal of this year’s Secondary production, “This Too Shall Pass”. We are very excited to have so many students across years 7-13 participating. Signed up as cast and crew, all the students started on stage, getting to know the space and learning to work together as an exciting beginning to a great project



Unlike previous years, “This Too Shall Pass” will be a totally original,

student-devised production centred around the idea of what it means and feels like to be a teenager.

Already, a few songs and script ideas have been submitted which we’re excited to listen to and read.

This rehearsal focussed on working as an ensemble and awareness of self, others and space. We then looked at the specifics of tempo, duration, grid work, repetition and imitation.

We look forward to seeing what direction the production will take!

SAVE THE DATE: October 30th, 31st and November 1st at 7pm.



Lower Secondary Production 2018: ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’ by Alan Ayckbourn.

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On the 3rd of May, the Lower secondary production was performed three times in one day, to a lively and engaged audience. Our first audience during the official dress rehearsal were year 4 primary students, who cheered and laughed along with Ernie’s imaginings, while the afternoon and evening performances were to students, parents and staff attending, who were almost as enthusiastic as the youngest of year 4!

Audiences smiled at the grandmother being rescued by the helicopter, whooped the knockout count  of the boxer defeated by 68-year-old Aunty May, and gripped the edge of their seats as Mr Fraser rescued the librarian with the broken leg from the top of a mountain, and everyone tapped their feet to the glorious music of the infectious marching band that marched out of the doctor’s office.

What wonderful performances the cast and crew put on! Although they made it look easy, there was a total of more than 18 contact hours with students in rehearsal and production meetings, and doubtless many more hours of line learning and setting up required out of these times. Parents have supported us throughout the process, and without their tireless encouragement for the students, we couldn’t have done it.  


All students involved were from years 7–9, and several students were performing or holding production roles for the first time, and they took their responsibilities very seriously. As a result, the stage crew helped all to run smoothly, the lights and sound created the perfect atmosphere and the students on stage performed superbly and really owned their work. The play is truly that of the students and we, as a Drama department, are so proud of them all.


We hope to see all students carry these great collaborative skills on into future productions!

Well done, with hearts from your Director,

Mrs V


From the audience:


I would like to say that it was an absolute delight to see the children really enjoying and relishing the freedom theprocess – I don’t think that you can ask for more than that as a parent. Thanks to all for putting in the hours to bring these kids together and looking forward to the next production. A great achievement!


We truly enjoyed the show yesterday!!! Well done for the teachers, crew and kids! I am Luiza’s mom and I must say she had a great time! But what stroke me is that all of them were really truly enjoying the moment and that created an engagement in the audience that was noticeable.

Thank you so much for an excellent show! We watched it twice and I agree with you when you say that the kids thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for igniting and nurturing a passion for Drama in Caleb…he was in his element!

Just wanting to say a big thank-you for the show earlier this month. It really had a lot of punch! I loved the interactive nature and there was action here there everywhere – so thank-you and I know everyone appreciates the work of the DC teachers – working back late on projects such as this.




What I liked most about the production was seeing everything fall into place, from us performing on stage, to us doing it in the round, I also really liked how everything changed from us just reading the script, to acting them out – Kayden Lau, Ensemble


What I most liked about the production was how everyone (crew and cast) worked so well together and everyone enjoyed acting in this production, all of the practice time really did pay off for the performance. I felt like everyone was so supportive of one and other and everyone was so proud, even our parents, and we all put so much effort into this play. I enjoyed it and I think everyone did. – Isabelle Mexted


The thing I liked most about the production is getting to see what it is like backstage because this is the first time that I have been in a school play and also getting to make new friends because we get to talk to new people from different years.

– Becky Edwards



Auditions: ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’

Posted by Carla Acepcion

Calling all Year 7 – 9 DC students! Auditions for this year’s lower secondary production, ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’ by Alan Ayckbourn will take place on Wednesday, February 7th after school. Auditions are only open to students in Y7 – 9, but students participating in the technical crew may be in higher years.


Calling: Year 7 – 9
Date: February 7th 2018
Time: 3:30PM – 4:30PM
Venue: Discovery College Theatre

Click here to sign up for auditions or to join the technical crew.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. V at





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Praise for ‘Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe’

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This year’s Secondary Production of ‘Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe’  closed on Nov 29th, 2017. Dealing with darker and more complex themes than in the years before, the play left audience members impressed both by the actors’ abilities onstage, and the effort from the crew that shone through lighting, sound, set and costume to create an atmosphere of tension that Poe’s works demand. We would like to share some of the reviews that we have received from our audience members below:

“Performance extraordinaire: If you didn’t manage to get to last week’s performance of Nightfall, then you missed something truly spectacular. I have to admit I went along wondering whether I would actually “enjoy” the show, however, I was completely mesmerised throughout. The impressive acting, costumes, set, sound effects and stage work combined to produce one of the best secondary productions I have ever seen. Congratulations and thanks to the many, many other people who were involved in some way.” – Mark Beach

“The overall impression was a powerful and cohesive combination of acting, sets, lighting, sound and costumes to create an atmosphere that brought Poe’s poems alive.” – Peter Lasscock

“Fabulous Performance. Congratulations, it was truly wonderful.” – Fiona Altoft

“I just wanted to write to say how impressed I was by the performance last night. The ability of our students to showcase performance abilities continues to go from strength to strength, and you got the very best out of them, particularly impressive given the complex and macabre nature of the text itself. Ethan in particular stood out to me as someone who has developed hugely from a strong starting point since I first saw him perform a few months ago, and really brought his character into 3-dimensional life through his physicality and understanding of the text. I would make similar observations about a number of students – the quality of their performances reflects the quality of input they have had from the staff around them.

The production design and technical management was also, as ever, superb – the house of cards was one of my favourite moments, and Siosi’s ‘shutting of the window’ was inch perfect in both concept and timing. The costumes were also brilliant – incredible creativity with black and white – and I loved the black onesies! Anyway, I could go on, but suffice it to say that I was inspired and enthused when I left school yesterday evening.” – James Smith

“Thanks so much for inviting us along to see Nightfall. It was amazing!” – Kylie Harrison

“Thank you for an exceptional evening. We were blown away by the talent at D.C.”– Claire Neal

It was a real treat to see the final product of all the work you and the team put into this year’s production. Thank you to you and Paul for a brilliant tribute to darker mental conditions. It was a unique delivery of psychosis, fear, depression and more.

It felt like I could have been at a theatre performance in Central or even London.
I sent one of pics below to my film director friend and she curiously wanted to know where this great set and cast image came from!!!– Natasha Clausen

“Do pardon my delay in commending you, the cast and crew for an absolutely mesmerizing night of entertainment, with the very professional portrayal of Edgar Alan Poe’s ‘Nightfall’. Normally not a great fan of anything to do with darkness, I was surprised as to how my eyes were totally glued to the set throughout, not wanting to miss anything. The actors, props, lighting, sound effects & make up were all so surprisingly professional and amazing for a production put up by high school students. Wow! Your professional training and connection with the students was highly evident in their ability to portray Poe’s madness to a crowd of different ages, abilities & understanding, who thoroughly enjoyed it. I am thankful and grateful that Ethan and all the Drama students have teachers to guide and teach them all the skills needed to put up an amazing show, and to enjoy the making of it. A pat on the back to all involved.” Violette Godinho

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Nightfall: Reviews from Actors

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The secondary school production is an opportunity for all students to explore the world of theatre, on stage and behind the scenes. This year, like all others before it, the students worked tirelessly to create a spectacle of a show for the audience to enjoy. Below are a few words from Nicole Woo and Ethan Godinho from Year 12 who played one of the Policemen and Poe in ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’, respectively:

“Having no recollection of anything about Edgar Allen Poe heading into this production, I really didn’t know what to expect. This experience was not only a chance for, I can safely say, everyone, to explore characters that are on the opposite side of the spectrum of roles we usually take on, but to come together as the secondary sector cohort. Interacting with students with the years below was refreshing, considering our DP Theatre class has 5 students only. The story of Tell-Tale Heart was quite different to the other 3 acts, because it was funnier, and I was able to utilise my experience in comedic roles into this one, as Policeman 1. Working with Sofia, Ethan and Anna especially was a highlight throughout this journey, developing stronger relationships on stage and coming closer through our inside jokes (Ethan’s chicken rant was our favourite, of course). I would strongly encourage everyone to participate in the production, no matter in acting roles or working backstage – immersing in an atmosphere like this is something you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.” – Nicole Woo, Year 12, Policeman #1 in ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

“Nightfall has been an absolute blast with everyone giving it their all. I did not think that the showwould turn out to be as good as it did because of the fact that most of us weren’t familiar with Edgar Allen Poe and his work. It took us a bit of time to understand the plays ourselves but once we did, we found it much easier to get into character and add a lot more emotions. The entire process allowed us to mix with people from many different year groups and so we bonded really well. I could not have asked for a better group of amazing directors, actors, backstage crew and costume and makeup crew.” – Ethan Godinho, Year 12, Poe in ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

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Nightfall: Photos from the Performance

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Lara Bateman (Y10) as Sante in ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’

(Left to right) Amirah Khan (Y10) Hannah Ward (Y10) and Katie Edwards (Y10) as Judges 1, 2 and 3 in
The Pit and the Pendulum’

Hanna Swedenklef (Y12) as Roderick Usher surrounded by ‘The Air’; Lila Van Ingen, Shanaya Kumar (Y11), Kayden Lau (Y8), Katie Goldschmidt (Y8) and Clare Lo (Y7) in
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’

Siosi Tameifuna (Y12) as Edgar surrounded by ‘The Air’; Lila Van Ingen, Shanaya Kumar (Y11), Kayden Lau (Y8), Katie Goldschmidt (Y8) and Clare Lo (Y7) in
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’

(Left to right) Siosi Tameifuna (Y12) and Hanna Swedenklef (Y12) in
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’

(Left to right) Divya Nebel (Y11) as Edgar, Abbey Owen (Y12) as Madeline Usher and James Collins (10V) as Poe in ‘The Raven’

Ida Haisler Steenberg (Y9) as Leonore/Ghost Girl in ‘The Raven’

Nightfall: Photos from Rehearsals

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Jueun Kang (Y11), Lara Bateman (Y10), Hannah Ward (Y10), Katie Edwards (Y10) and Amirah Khan (Y10) rehearse ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’

Ethan Godhino (Y12) and Anna Gould (Y12) rehearse ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

Ethan Godhino (Y12) as Poe and Anna Gould (Y12) as the Old Man blocking the Old Man’s death in
The Tell-Tale Heart’

Jueun Kang (Y11) and Lara Bateman (Y10) play parallel characters Poe and Sante in
‘The Pit and the Pendulum’

James Rajic – Knight (Y10) plays the Soldier that frees Poe/Sante, Jueun Kang (Y11) and Lara Bateman (Y10), from the pit in ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’

The full cast, blocking the finale

Facial expressions are crucial in the portrayal of characters from ‘Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe’

Can you spot Anna Gould (Y12) playing the Old Man?

The actors used a range of different physical theatre techniques in the play.

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‘Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe’ 2017: Programme & Cast List

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Congratulations and huge thank you to all who were involved in this year’s secondary production!


Crier Lilian Adom
Ensemble Steven Dino
Katherine Bakker
Serena Wong
Ga Eun Kim
Mikayla Camp
Theodora Mok
Tara Anderson
Emily Hemmings


The Raven
Poe James Collins
Edgar Divya Nebel
Roderick Usher Leticia Ayres
Madeline Usher Abby Owen
Raven 1 Keira Higgins
Raven 2 Miwa Sakamaki
Leonore/Ghost Girl Ida Haisler Steenberg

The Pit and the Pendulum
Poe Jueun Kang
Sante Lara Bateman
Judge 1 Hannah Ward
Judge 2 Katie Edwards
Judge 3 Amirah Khan
A Soldier James Rajic – Knight


The Fall of the House of Usher
Edgar Siosi Tameifuna
Roderick Usher Hanna Swedenklef
Madeline Usher Savanah Clausen
Air Lila Van Ingen
Shanaya Kumar
Kayden Lau
Katie Goldschmidt
Clare Lo
The Tell-Tale Heart
Poe Ethan Godhino
Old Man Anna Gould
Policeman 1 Nicole Woo
Policeman 2 Sofia van Trooijen

Production Crew

Directors Danielle Veilleux
Paul McCracken
Technical Director Carla Acepcion
Stage Manager Julia Moriau
Props Master / Stage Manager Csende Balogh


Lighting Annabelle Gemmell
Kenzuo Tang


Sound Ann – Marie Whiley
Xavier Carey
Mark Broomfield
Fionn Tameifuna


Props & Stagehands Sophie Kirk
Leo Ng
Charlotte Riedel
Alsace Wu
Reva Shrestha


Heads of Hair & Makeup Julia Wong
Ashley Sze
Hair & Makeup / Stagehands Meghan Lohse
Chloe Hagan
Tae Eun Kim
Lily Sercombe
Karina Chan
Abbey Oshlack


Costumes Gillian Whittaker
Mia Senturk
Ashley Taylor – Smith
Lucy Trimingham
Jessie Tsang
Pia Van de Wiel
Julia Wong
Ye- Won Park
Shu Man Cheng


Costumes (continued) Caleb Chow
Lauren Dang
Megan Dang
Kuiza Duarte Fajardo
Judith Masman
Isabelle Mexted
Elizabeth Neale
Ji-Won Chung



Set Mike Veilleux
Lothar Witt


Communications Amy Freed
Vienna Chan


Special Thanks Holly Salisbury
Windy Wong
Madeleine Stander
DC Facilities Team
DC ICT Department
DC Parents
& the general DC Community!