Drama Captain’s Column #2: Csende Balogh on Year 8 Drama

Posted by Csende Balogh

Year 8 Drama

Following a unit on Espionage in which they explored the creation of suspense and tension, the Year 8s currently have a short unit on different acting techniques. Basic techniques such as the use of voice, using the space, movement, walking the room, tableaux, and creating ensemble and confidence are being practised, with the terms used for stage geography also being recapped. After this current unit, the Year 8’s will be starting a unit titled “Starting Points”. During this unit, the students will be studying the many ways that theatre is created when devising. This can be with verbal and physical offers, object theatre (using objects to create a theatrical piece or characters), spontaneous improvisation, or a simple script that must then be developed further to create a story. It may also involve the use of stimuli, such as music, pictures, or poetry. By the end of the unit, the students will be performing their own devised scenes to an audience.


by Csende Balogh