DP Theatre Class of 2019 on their experience at ISTA TaPS

Posted by Carla Acepcion

On Friday, Dec 1st, our Y12 DP Theatre class attended ISTA TaPS Hong Kong at King George V school. Our students, Nicole Woo, Ethan Godinho, Abby Owen, Leticia Ayres and Hanna Swedenklef represented DC at the intensive three-day workshop with their usual unbroken enthusiasm and positivity, taking part in workshops on Wayang (Indonesian puppet theatre), Artaud, ensemble work and much more. The opportunity to meet and collaborate with their DP Theatre peers from across Hong Kong proved beneficial both in the context of the course and beyond, with the students feeling they had made new friends for life. Here’s what our students had to say about their experience in their own words:

“There is so much I want to say about TaPs and how much I loved every second of it, but I’ll keep it short. Spending 3 days in a supportive environment surrounded by people with the same level of interest in theatre really boosted my confidence and skills as a performer. From learning the techniques of Wayang (Indonesian puppet theatre) to creating shocking pieces inspired by Artaud to working with students outside of DC, I was exposed to specific areas of theatre that will greatly benefit my progress in the IB theatre course. It’s so hard to choose my favourite moment from the past few days but I’ve got to say each session we had was extremely engaging and fun, exceeding my expectations by a mile. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make friends and I have formed strong bonds that I hope will last forever – there’s a special place in my heart for every single one of the members in my ensemble and our inside jokes. It’s only been a few days but I can’t wait for TaPs 2018! There is no doubt in my mind that TaPs was the highlight of my year, and I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity.”– Nicole Woo

“If I learned anything from TaPs, it is to “own your passion and do what you love.” Over the course of 3 days at ISTA TaPs, I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have towards the administrators and anyone involved in creating these workshops. I am confident to say that I have grown as a theatre student. I have come out of this experience with a plethora of new skills and ideas that I can implement into my future projects. We had the opportunity to learn Wayang (Indonesian puppet theatre), an intense version of the 7 Levels of Tension taught by George Mann, and old and new techniques taught by our ensemble leaders. Throughout the workshops, I have learned so many new skills that will help me improve as a performer. I have never been so grateful and excited to be in a place that was so open and supportive about IB Theatre. It was so freeing to be open about my passion and finally feel like I was accepted fully as a theatre student. I am also so grateful that my ensemble became very close within the first day and continued so have a close bond even outside ISTA. If anyone was unsure about going to ISTA, I would tell them to just go for it! It was such an amazing and memorable experience! Can’t wait for ISTA 2018!”– Abby Owen

“TaPS was a great experience for all of us as we were able to meet people our age from all parts of Hong Kong who had the same interests in theatre as we did. We were able to share our thoughts[on] what theatre meant to us and how we could use it not only for entertainment in today’s society. Our ensemble leaders were very passionate and had a bunch of fun workshops up their sleeves which made the weekend even better.”– Ethan Godinho




“I would say my experience at TaPS was extremely positive. This past weekend has been highly beneficial to me for the DP theatre course. I feel like I have learned so many valuable skills and lessons that will help me grow as both a performer and in my written tasks. This weekend has not only been a great learning experience but I have also had so much fun. I’ve absolutely loved meeting so many people that share the same passion for drama as I do and getting to collaborate with other DP theatre students across Hong Kong.”– Hanna Swedenklef


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You can find more information about ISTA & TaPS on their official website.

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