Nightfall: Photos from Rehearsals

Posted by Carla Acepcion

Jueun Kang (Y11), Lara Bateman (Y10), Hannah Ward (Y10), Katie Edwards (Y10) and Amirah Khan (Y10) rehearse ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’

Ethan Godhino (Y12) and Anna Gould (Y12) rehearse ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

Ethan Godhino (Y12) as Poe and Anna Gould (Y12) as the Old Man blocking the Old Man’s death in
The Tell-Tale Heart’

Jueun Kang (Y11) and Lara Bateman (Y10) play parallel characters Poe and Sante in
‘The Pit and the Pendulum’

James Rajic – Knight (Y10) plays the Soldier that frees Poe/Sante, Jueun Kang (Y11) and Lara Bateman (Y10), from the pit in ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’

The full cast, blocking the finale

Facial expressions are crucial in the portrayal of characters from ‘Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe’

Can you spot Anna Gould (Y12) playing the Old Man?

The actors used a range of different physical theatre techniques in the play.

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