Key tasks in this stage:

  • Provide reflections in each of the different stages of the CE Project stages
  • Provide a summary reflection that includes an evaluation of your project against your goal
  • Use the CE portfolio template to share your reflections

Though you have been collaborating to complete other stages of the CE project, this stage is completed individually. You are to share your thoughts and feelings about how you worked as a group, about your goals, your group’s and your personal accomplishments, and about what you have learnt (about others and yourself). These thoughts and feelings are to be added to your CE portfolio. In order to show evidence of achievement in the CE learning outcomes, you should also upload other documents, images, and other relevant information.

This stage is best done throughout the project, rather than waiting until your action stage is completed! Obviously the summary reflection, which involves you evaluating your project, is done once the action stage is completed.

In completing this stage do consider the points highlighted in the action stage, where reflect upon your interpersonal skills and how you and others contribute to your group goals, and you ability/application of ATL skills.  Also consider the following reflection questions:


What strengths do you have in the ATL skills?

Which ATL skills might you need to develop the most?

What are you learning about collaboration?

Which interpersonal skills are you relying on the most?

How might what you are learning in your CE project benefit you in your subjects/classes?

What ATL skills are key during the investigation stage?

What is most important about preparing for Community Engagement?


Did you meet your goals? Why/why not?

What were the strengths of your CE project?

What would you change about your CE project?

What have you learnt from your participation?

What advice would you give others about doing a CE project?

After completing the project what have you learnt about Community Engagement?

This ‘Reflection a quick guide for DC students will also be useful during this stage.