Immersion, Imagination, Inspiration and Interpretation

Key tasks in this stage:

  • Read the online CE project handbook
  • Talk with other students about their thoughts and ideas
  • Reflect upon what could be done to improve our communities
  • Explore youth action to inspire your thoughts
  • Establish your group
  • Know your expectations in the project


Imagining something better

Reflect upon what you see in the world around – what are some of the things you don’t like?

Imagine what your ideal community may look like – what would need to change to reach your ‘better world’?

List some things to improve…

  • About your school
  • About the DC Community
  • About Lantau Island
  • About Hong Kong

Consider some of these points when it comes to investigating your interests and community needs in the Investigation stage


Be Inspired

Click on these links to learn about action taken by young people

Austin Gutwein, founder of ‘Hoops of Hope

Alexandra Scott, founder of Alex’s Lemonade stand foundation

Alex Triestman and his Brickshare project

“The elephant girl”, Hong Kong’s Celia Ho

DC Labour Rights group

How might these stories relate to your CE project? Do they give you any inspiration or ideas?


Finding your group

Having looked through the stages of the CE project and started thinking about the possible directions your project could take you, its now time to find other Year 10 students you could work with.  Though you can start by talking with your friends, do not stop there. Chat with others in your learning team or other classes to see who could form group with.   Then it is time to start the Investigation stage.