Key tasks in this stage:

  • Provide evidence of your achievement in the CE learning outcomes in your CE portfolio (through reflections, images, planning documents, etc)
  • Present your project at the CE Project Expo

The CE Project Expo

The CE Project Expo will involve all Year 10 students presenting their CE Projects. Your group will be required to choose what format you wish to choose to present your project and demonstrate what you did. Some possible methods you may wish to use include a poster board, prezzie, powerpoint, video journal, google docs, etcetera. Whichever method you choose you will need to include the following:

  • Project name
  • Description of project
  • Visuals (photographs, graphs, etc.)
  • Outcomes
  • An evaluation of your project
  • Reflections, including three key things your group has learned

All project groups will present at the same time, with the audience moving between groups at their own pace – you will not be giving an oral presentation though obviously you will need to talk about your project and answer any questions from the audience, who may be teachers, peers, family and friends.


Venue: School foyer / DC performing arts theatre foyer

Date: Tuesday 27 March

Time: 2.20pm – 3.15pm

Set-up: tables and display boards will be arranged, allowing students to set up during the secdaon half of lunch time.

Audience: Year 6 and Year 9 students. Other secondary and Year 5 students will also be invited, as will parents and the likes of Mr Beach and Mr Lasscock.

Equipment / resources: Each group will be provided with a table. You will have a display board to put up any posters / photos /displays. You can use your laptops to show videos / slides etc (have on repeat function, and ensure your laptop is charged as no plugs will be available).

Your demonstration will be a success if your audience clearly:

  • knows what your goals were
  • understands how your goals were grounded in a Global Context
  • gains information about the issue you were addressing, and why you chose this project
  • becomes aware of the successes in your project
  • knows the barriers and challenges you faced
  • sees visual information about any, or all of the stages of your project
  • is informed of your group’s project evaluation
  • sees/hears/reads reflections, either from the group from individual members, or both