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Save the duck – Clean HK air!

Posted by Peter MUIR

SavetheduckThe Clean AIr Network is running a campaign to reduce marine air emissions.  The group is asking cruise lines to voluntarily switch to using fuels with sulphur content of 0.5 per cent or less while at berth.  According to CAN, since the giant rubber duck arrived in Victoria Harbour, it has been suffering miserably from the black smoke belching out from the nearby cruise liners.  The duck has experienced coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes and even some difficulties breathing. CAN believes this is due to the fact that the poor creature is stationed in the polluted harbor, amidst many ships, while also being surrounded by nearby buses at the same time.

In order to save the duck and locals alike, CAN is asking that the Government mandate fuel switches at berth and install on-shore power facilities at the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal without delay. CAN also urges the Hong Kong Government to cooperate with the Guangdong Government to establish an emissions control area within the Pearl River Delta waters that would require all ships entering the control zone to use low-sulphur fuel.

Why not work with CAN and run the campaign at DC, informing the DC community about the issue and seeking people to sign the petition?  Take action today!

An idea – Burn Calories Not Electricity

Posted by admin

An idea for a C&S or CAS project – a campaign to encourage the DC community to use the stairs rather than the elevator at school.

  • Gather some statistics about how much electircity is used by the DC school lifts
  • Research how many calories are used when using the stairs
  • Use various ways to make people aware of these facts, and persuade them to use the stairs
  • Monitor the success of your campaign by looking at lift usage.

C&S (or CAS) Project ideas

Posted by Peter MUIR

Looking for some ideas for a C&S or CAS Project?  Check out these listed by US organising Facing the Future, or these ideas suggested for Global Youth Service Day

Project Ideas and Global Youth Service Day

Posted by Peter MUIR

Global Youth Service Day (April 26-28) celebrates and mobilizes the millions of young people who improve their communities each day of the year through service.

A campaign of YSA (Youth Service America) GYSD is celebrated each year in over 100 countries, with young people working together with schools, youth organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs to address the world’s most critical issues and change their communities.

Check out these ideas for (CAS / C&S) projects – you could use them as a part of GYSD, or at anytime of the year!


The DC piglets

Posted by Peter MUIR

Related to the No Boundaries trip that travelled to the Yangshan and Yao districts in Northern Guangdong province, where students worked with the Go 2 Serve foundation, funds were raised by DC to go towards Go 2 Serve’s Pig Scheme. According to Go 2 Serve, the Pig Scheme offers the opportunity to local people to benefit from raising pigs without any initial financial burden.

Participating Yao farmers start in the program without putting out any money, Go2Serve Foundation deliver two 3-month old piglets to their home and provide pig feed, training and vaccination to help them to be successful in raising their pigs to sell in the market in 4 months. Yao farmer can earn about HK$ 800 with 2 pigs sold in the market. We are committed to the Yao farmers for 2 years teaching them how to raise pigs for sale in the market and eventually breeding their own piglets to raise. Through the 2 year program, Yao farmers will learn pig farming skills, how to manage their income for re-investment and eventually increase their income and living standard. Go2Serve Foundation will also assist the farmers in the areas of hygiene and environmental impact in the village in order to help this program to be sustainable in the future e.g. assist them to apply funding for building methane tanks for pig wastes and ways to recycle pig wastes”.

Pictured here is the local recipient along with the two pigs donated by DC. It is hoped that the income generated from the pigs will enable the family to pay schooling for their children.

Life for refugees in Hong Kong

Posted by Peter MUIR

Chungking Mansions Service Centre has sent out the following details, hoping to receive some support for some people in need.  For those who are not aware, our centre does not get any support from the Government or any major funding body in HK, hence why they rely on the community to help their our clients through grants, sponsorship, donations and partnerships. The following is a call for help.  And, importantly, keep in mind that you can also help directly by volunteering in the programmes that the service centre is involved in.  See more details here on how to get involved.

  • A vulnerable refugee family of 5 is in need of $300/month top-up in rent. They have started their resettlement process and might leave HK for resettlement within a year. It is not practical for them to move-out of their current home as they might not find anything cheaper than their current place. 4 out of 5 members of the family are under our Psychosocial Program for various mental health conditions. The father and mother are also physically ill.
  • An elderly client suffering from various ailment and his 22 year old son live in New Territories. The assistance they get from ISS is not enough especially to meet their dietary needs. A support of $200/month will help them immensely.
  • A single mother with a daughter who have recently escaped persecution (both are traumatized and mother is very sick)is in need of a home and we are finding it difficult to find them a home without rental deposit. To ensure they are safe and we find a decent home, we need to raise funds for rental deposit and or agent’s fee which we anticipate will be around $2,000. Moreover, her daughter who is in a local secondary school is top in their class but the Student’s Financial Assistance Agency doesn’t cover all the expenses. She is in danger of quitting school if we don’t find her additional financial support. If you are interested to help, I have attached here our Educational Sponsorship information (please note there are also other children under our waiting list).
  • A family with 2 children came to HK almost two years ago. They live in Shek Kip Mei in a run-down flat. Both parents have a medical case, the mother has serious back injury and the father is going to be operated on his throat to remove a foreign body. They require financial assistance for their electricity bill each month of around $250.

An Idea – Home Composting Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

A C&S / CAS Idea – Set up a home composting project.

Research about composting and how it benefits the environment.  Do some specific research about micro-composting in an apartment, then develop a promotional campaign to encourage people to have their own home compost.


CAS / C&S Idea – Computer Reuse Project

Posted by Peter MUIR

An idea for a CAS / C&S project – Investigate the different material used to build computers and how these materials are disposed of or recycled.  Set up a programme to source old computer items, fix and rebuild them, them pass them on to disadvantaged members of the community.  These websites might help… and

CAS Project in Tung Chung

Posted by Peter MUIR

A project to support approximately 200 families living in Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung, that have been identified as being extremely socio-economically disadvantaged, is looking for your help!  The criteria – you must be caring, patient and a supportive people who hopes to make a difference.  And you must only sign up if you are committed!

Click here for news on the project in local the media

This project seeks to address this discrepancy in resources and opportunities for such low-income families, by implementing a 4-pronged approach that ranges across education, health, environmental awareness and employment. The project will direct its efforts at younger family members, starting with students in Primary grades 1 – 4 and hoping to continue supporting these students until they reach university.

Project organisers are seeking your support to get involved in the education aspect of this project from this November 2012, running alongside the local school calendar until June 2013.  Basically, those who sign up will be involved in developing English language skills in young children, with scope for more varied involvement as the project develops.  The project aims to cultivate in the children a love of learning and confidence is using English, through fun, interactive language activities and games, and as well support some of their more challenging school curricular.

The role of students who sign up is mainly supporting the teacher in the classroom. Over the course of the academic year, it is aimed that as teaching skills and confidence develops, volunteers could be involved in developing curriculum that they have a personal interest in.  Involvement may begin as developing shorter activities but progress to taking control of a 30-minute teaching slot, or one-on-one interactions to extend high-ability pupils, or offer extra support to low-ability pupils. Small group work leading a teaching activity/game will also be an option.  Such small group interactions may focus on reading, phonics or general scaffolding of students as they work through a task.  There will be flexibility in that you will be involved in making decisions about where you involvement lies.

There are two 1-hour classes on Friday afternoons, from 3.45pm to 5.45pm. There are also two 1-hour classes on alternate Saturday mornings 9am-11am. There are 15-16 classes in total spread across 3 schools in Yat Tung Estate. All schools are a short walk from the Yat Tung Estate bus terminus. Bus 38 travels regularly between Tung Chung bus terminus and Yat Tung bus terminus. Classes begin on 2nd November, 2012 and run through till 29th June 2013.  Each of the 3 schools has a slightly different schedule, due to examinations, sports days etc, but all classes are on Fridays and Saturdays at the times mentioned above.  Classes will only run during local school terms, with no classes during local school holidays.

Here is an Excel file that details the teaching dates for each school for the program, starting in early November until June next year.  It is very important to stress that is you wish to get involved, then you must make a full commitment to show up to every one of your scheduled lessons.

So, if you are a Year 12 student in DC, and you are a committed, caring and patient possible teacher assistant who hopes to make a difference to the lives of these children, then sign up today!

What is the difference between a CAS project and a CAS Activity?

Posted by Peter MUIR

The DC CAS Handbook says the following about CAS projects : “You must be involved in at least one CAS Project – a major undertaking that involves much commitment over at least 12 months, involves significant collaboration, and includes at least two areas of CAS (Creativity and Service, for example). CAS Projects often allow more scope for achievement of Learning Outcomes”

You can see from this that a CAS Project involves commitment over a significant duration of time.  Due to its nature, it involves a lot of planning by a group.  For example, being a member of the school basketball team is not a project.  Organizing 3-on-3 basketball competition open to entries from all ESF schools, held over two days in the school gym, and with prize money for the winning team is a CAS project.  The latter, in order for it to be successful, would involve a great deal of planning over a number of months, would need a team of students to organize it, and involves students across different areas of CAS, namely creativity and service.    Other CAS Project ideas include:

Become an instructor/coach/teacher

Pass on knowledge and skills on to others, allowing them to develop while having a good time, by becoming a sports coach, language teacher or swimming instructor for others.  Plan a curriculum and lead others in their development.

Organise a fundraising event for an organization protecting China’s wildlife.

Plan and implement a fundraising event, publicise it while making people aware of the cause you are supporting.

Produce a theatrical production

Find (or write) a script, hold auditions, hold rehearsals, then perform your production.

Make a short film

Write, film and edit a documentary that has a message about global issues or humanitarian issues here in Hong Kong

Community Garden

Organise and then maintain a community vegetable patch.  Find a location, get permission, promote and publicize, research about permeaculture, create and maintain a garden.