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Shark fin off the menu

Posted by Peter MUIR

FINishedWWF has reported that the HK government has dropped shark fin from their official banquet menus, recognizing that this is not a sustainable practice.  More and more large corporates are also pledging NOT to serve shark fin soup.  To see the companies on this list, click here.  Know of a company not yet on the list?  Why not organise a petition to get them to change their practices?  Click here for some support materials and tips to help you turn your ideas into action.

Kids Ocean Week

Posted by Peter MUIR

kidsoceanweekThe 2nd Annual KIDS OCEAN WEEK is coming again to Hong Kong in early November, with the beach art event on November 8th, 2013

Click here for more details on the event and how you can get involved.

Save the Chinese white dolphins – vote Ruby!

Posted by Peter MUIR

The famous pink dolphins of Hong Kong are disappearing, but you can do something about it!

Threatened by coastal development, water pollution and heavy marine traffic, their numbers have reduced drastically – I was informed recently that there may be less than 40 left in HK waters!

Last Summer Tania Couture helped launch a postcard writing campaign that managed to collect almost 3000 postcards and hand-deliver them to the government. Regardless, still no action has been taken by the Government and tragically there are now eight reported dolphin deaths this year so far in Hong Kong.
Here is a request from Tania and her friends:

Our goals remain the same and we need to take the next steps to achieve them, we are asking the government:
1. To immediately designate the surrounding waters of western Lantau and Soko Islands as Marine Parks.
2. An urgent best practice management plan for the Chinese White dolphins to restore the dolphin population.
3. An Immediate moratorium on all new reclamations/projects in dolphin habitat and current development projects that are suspected of causing harm to the dolphin population.

To kick off our new campaign I would like to urge everybody to focus on goal no 1. We have combined efforts with the WWF organization to achieve our unanimous wish to save the dolphins.

You can help us by signing the WWF petition:

This petition urges for the immediate designation of marine parks so that the dolphins can have an immediate place to go to, to get away from the construction of the bridge and the cross border facility.

Please can you send this petition to everyone you know and ask them to sign as well! WWF needs 100,000 signatures by the end of November but let’s get 100,000 signatures by Friday November 8th which is Kids Ocean Day!

So please join us! Every signature will make a difference and will take us one step further to achieving our ultimate goal. Not only are you supporting the dolphins but you willl also play a vital role in protecting the future of Hong Kong’s marine life. Thanks! Tania.

CAS / C&S Idea – Fisheries Conversation

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Without urgent attention, we could be the last generation that catches food from the oceans.  Fish stocks around the globe are being depleted by never seen before consumption, consumption that is not sustainable.    According to Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan “the marine environment is facing challenges that, if not addressed immediately and effectively, will have profound implications for sustainable development.”

msc labelWhat could you do to address this issue as a part of your CAS / C&S programme?  Develop a plan that aims to increase awareness about the issue; educate people about their seafood-consumption habits; advocate for people to only eat seafood that comes from well-managed fisheries – such as those listed in this document from World Wildlife Fund Hong Kong – wwfhk_seafood_guide

Year 7 World Ocean Day Poster Activity

Posted by Peter MUIR

You only need to look at an image from space to see that our planet should have been named “Ocean” rather than “Earth.”
world ocean dayHeld annually on June 8th,  World Ocean Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate our world ocean and our personal connection to the sea.  To help celebrate this day, Year 7 DC students are invited to create an A4-sized poster highlighting a chosen issue that our oceans face.  Click on the link below for full details.

World Ocean Day Yr 7 activity

Green Week at DC

Posted by Peter MUIR

This week DC secondary students took to the North Plaza beach and worked incredibly hard to help clean up some very depressing waste washed up on the beach. A total of 58 large black garbage bags of waste was cleaned up – and what an incredible difference it made!  Unfortunately, there is still so much more to do, with waste washing up on the beach almost every single day. The students spent time listening to Tracey Read from ‘Plastic Free Seas’ talk about micro-plastics and the frightening impact these have on our environment.   A key point passed on to students was for them to think about their own behaviour and use of disposable products – trying to avoid their use so that they may not end up in land fill, or even worse, washed up on the beaches of Hong Kong.

Other Green Week activities included the DC Acts of Green photography competition; results will be announced next week by the DC Sustainability Committee. In addition DC celebrated Earth Day with a ‘Meat Free Monday’. In support of this the Year 10s served a vegetarian lunch to the primary staff on Thursday and talked about the environmental impacts of eating meat. The cafeteria also supported Green Week with ‘Throttle the Bottle’ week and a straw-free week.  A big effort made by everyone but for us to really start making a significant difference we need to remember that ‘EVERY DAY NEEDS TO BE EARTH DAY’.

Aggreg8 film competition – My Ocean

Posted by Peter MUIR

Aggreg8 is a new, innovative project that is the first of its kind!

This competition will create a short movie of approximately 6 minutes in length, with a theme about the ocean – “My Ocean………”  You, the public, will create the film with different segments voted on in a competition format, so that the end result is a community-created short film.  In the Aggreg8 competition’s format (the world’s first), each week builds on the story line that was developed in the previous week(s). Each week is a different competition for the next 60 seconds of the film and each week’s winning piece is chosen by public voting.  The first segment of the film is created by a famous filmmaker in Hong Kong. In the end, this and a total of five public segments will be Aggre8tedto make the film.

Watch the Intro Animation for Instructions, and the 1st minute by local director and actress Sharon Kwok.  2nd minute” entries are due 25th February 2013 (6pm) – simply visit the Aggreg8 platform to enter.