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Opportunity to join HKRFU Medical Team

Posted by Peter MUIR

HKRFU is offering an opportunity for ESF school students to gain valuable first aid training and on-field experience with their medical team.

Participating students will have a chance to become trained in sports first aid and subsequently put their skills into practice by attending rugby games and tournaments to provide immediate care to injured or ill players. Students will gain practical experience as they work alongside our pitch side medical team during the school rugby tournaments. Ideally students from the same school will form a ‘First Aid Team’ which will then be able to provide first aid cover for their own school as well as inter-school sports events. Teams will be supported and monitored throughout.

This is a great opportunity for any students interested in pursuing a sports science or medical career as they will meet and integrate with our multi-disciplinary team of sports scientists, conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, dieticians, doctors, nurses and paramedics.  For more information, please directly contact Lucy Clarke, HKRFU Head of Medical, on tel: 2992 3201 or Email:

International Day of Happiness

Posted by Peter MUIR

The International Day of Happiness is on Friday, 20 March.  As this day approaches, it is a good time to consider – what does happiness mean to you?  What does the happiness of others mean to you?  In what ways to you make other people happy?  Consider these questions as you think how you could make contributing to the happiness of others as a part of your Community Engagement activities.  Keep in mind that research has shown that being kind to others actually has a positive impact on your own wellness and state of mind.   This resource outlines that acts of kindness and doing things for others can:

  • reduce stress
  • improve emotional wellbeing
  • benefit physical health
  • bring a sense of belonging and reduce isolation
  • get rid of negative feelings

Take a look here at some resources and ideas here, here and here for taking steps to making others happy.

Making a community healthier

Posted by Peter MUIR

Doing something to help members of your community become healthier can be a meaningful service project. There any many ways that health-related projects could be a part of your community engagement, here are just a few ideas that would involve direct, or indirect engagement –

  • Help provide clean water for drinking and hygiene.
  • Help prevent diseases like malaria, the measles, or HIV/AIDS.
  • Help mums and babies be healthy so all babies survive and thrive.
  • Help fight obesity by encouraging healthy eating and exercise.
  • Help your peers choose healthy behaviors and avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other risky behaviors.

Some more ideas are listed here, on the Global Youth Service Day website, where you will also find resources to assist you in your community engagement (including some resources to support your CE project)

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Service can improve happiness!

Posted by Peter MUIR

“Altruistic (other-regarding) emotions and behaviors are associated with greater
well-being, health, and longevity”.  That is the opening line of the abstract to this paper by Stephen G. Post published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.  It points out that doing things for others – ranging from kindness to active community engagement -has benefits on our own wellbeing.  This adds to the previous posts on this blog that highlight the personal benefits of getting involved in service.

MTR run for low carbon living

Posted by Peter MUIR

CAN logoA local youth running athlete group organized a 17km charity run along the MTR Island Line, in order to promote a life with low carbon footprint. Participants started running from Heung Fa Chuen Station until Sheung Wan Station. Money raised from the event will be donated to the Clean Air Network in support of their work.  Another example of a CAS / Community Engagement project.


Posted by Peter MUIR

shareabear16-year old Nina Manuel from the US state of Georgia founded Share-A-Bear in the spring of 2013 and creates teddy bears to benefit hospitalised children. In addition to giving bears to hospitalised children, Nina sells her handmade bears and donates the money to charity. Creativity and service neatly rolled together in this meaningful project!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Posted by Peter MUIR

Alex’s Lemonade Stand was started up by 8-year-old Alex Scott, who wanted people across the US to host a lemonade stand during one weekend in June to help fight childhood cancer – one cup (of lemonade) at a time.

Now, National Lemonade Days is an annual June tradition in the US that raises over $1 million for childhood cancer research through thousands of stands and events held across the country. Alex Scott could certainly be considered a change maker – somebody with a passion and a plan who preserved to make it happen.